Book Review: There Must Be Some Mistake (2008)

There Must Be Some MistakeJust another casual casualty of the drug war
by Brian Wright

2008, Lulu, 57 pages
Reviewed by Logan Brandt

Brian Wright’s first book, New Pilgrim Chronicles, is the story of one man’s coming to the Free State of New Hampshire to help create more liberty everywhere.  In contrast, Wright’s second political monograph recounts his experience with the “Drug Prohibition System (DPS);” it’s a true drug war story where an ordinary middle-class guy’s liberty is suspended for two grueling weeks by the harsh, senseless prosecutocratic world of prison-planet lite.  Brian decided to use this dire personal experience—considerably more benign than what the poor or minorities are typically subjected to—to speak out, for those who have no voice, against the cruel, unusual system. Continue reading

Book Review: Drug War Addiction (2001)

From the front lines of America’s #1 policy disaster
by Sheriff Bill Masters
Reviewed by Brian Wright

Drug War AddictionEditor’s note: I met Sheriff Bill at the 2002 Libertarian Party National Convention in Indianapolis. He looked just like the picture, authentic law-enforcement (LE) good guy, unpretentious, whistle blower. He had the inside skinny on how corrupt the cops of Samland had become, almost all being on the take in the Drug Racket. With federalization, the drug war money from the Washington—guns, SWAT teams, civil forfeiture, and simply mountains of tax loot—made for a welfare system few of his buddies in Colorado LE could resist. It became just too easy to become a self-righteous thug. The book was hot stuff around the l/Libertarian circuit in 2001 when it came out. I bought the book from his table, did a read in a couple of days, and found it remarkable that so little a book could be so dense-packed with moral and practical observations of the “#1 policy disaster.” Continue reading

Guest Column: Fork the Drug War, Now!

The War on Drugs is the War on Freedom
by Camille Brockman

Drug WarThis is another in a series of liberty-focused banners that have been assembled by an interesting group of Web-savvy entrepreneurs or writers associated with something called the Online Criminal Justice Degree Project. Going to their site, I see these are people who are truly for justice: justice WITH liberty. All the corporatist government infringements of rights are held to high scrutiny. I love their banners (that unfold as facts and figures about serious public issues), which someone over there sends me periodically. Thank you, Camille. The War on Drugs: Don’t leave the Inquisition in first place in history’s greatest ongoing multidecade crimes against humanity. Continue reading