Book Review: Drug War Addiction (2001)

From the front lines of America’s #1 policy disaster
by Sheriff Bill Masters
Reviewed by Brian Wright

Drug War AddictionEditor’s note: I met Sheriff Bill at the 2002 Libertarian Party National Convention in Indianapolis. He looked just like the picture, authentic law-enforcement (LE) good guy, unpretentious, whistle blower. He had the inside skinny on how corrupt the cops of Samland had become, almost all being on the take in the Drug Racket. With federalization, the drug war money from the Washington—guns, SWAT teams, civil forfeiture, and simply mountains of tax loot—made for a welfare system few of his buddies in Colorado LE could resist. It became just too easy to become a self-righteous thug. The book was hot stuff around the l/Libertarian circuit in 2001 when it came out. I bought the book from his table, did a read in a couple of days, and found it remarkable that so little a book could be so dense-packed with moral and practical observations of the “#1 policy disaster.” Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Ending the Great Recession

… in five easy pieces
by Brian Wright

Cracking the CodeWell, okay, they won’t be so easy to get going,
but once the first step is made, the rest should follow in quick succession. Note, I’m leaving up the image and link to Pete’s revolutionary book on restoring freedom from the federal state. It serves as a reminder that freeing all political prisoners is Job One in any restoration of economic health.

In a previous column contemporaneous with the 2008 election and ascendancy of the Big O—when politicians were talking about bailing out this auto company and that investment bank—I … Continue reading