Book Review: Living Deliberately (2011)

Bridging self-help, popular, and mystical teachings
by Hrvoje Butkovic
Review by Brian Wright

Living_DeliberatelySeveral months ago, Mr. Butkovic sent me a note stating that he had read my review of the book The Secret on Amazon, and he wondered if I might do the same for his book, Living Deliberately. To which I responded, “Sure, but I would prefer to write a review on my own site, the Coffee Coaster. Hrvoje is I believe a Croatian name (not the easiest name for Americans to pronounce, but he tells me just call him ‘Groovy’), and the author makes his home in South Africa. I inform Hrvoje that in the grand scheme of the cosmos I, too, have recently become interested in the spiritual side of things, having started development on a spiritual philosophy I refer to as FLOW. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Jesus Immunity

Penetrating the “limbic system barrier”… in our time

Note: If you are a Bible-breathing advocate of Jesus Christ as your/our personal savior, then let me tell you from the outset that my column today is not referring to that Jesus.

Respectfully, my Jesus is a special man who, like the Buddha and other spiritual teachers, conveys universal truths—that many are coming to see as especially helpful for fulfilling our human potential. The appreciation of these truths—as a means for breaking thru the major political barrier to human consciousness—is the context for my comments today. — bw Continue reading