Stonebeam 23: CBS: The Self-Immolation ‘Virus’ and Cure

Story Shot 23, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 04 March 2021

Note: This is the first in a series of three columns on the CBS affliction. Pt. 2, Pt. 3.

“There’s no such thing as a collective brain.” — Howard Roark,
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand

Bingo! Eureka moment. This one sentence from Roark’s courtroom speech in the movie triggered the connection and led to a watershed column on what I call “collective-brain syndrome” (CBS).[1]

Which, along with “runaway” mind,[2] has kept our species from full consciousness and flourishing. What I’m writing here is a summary or foreword to two followon works of high urgency:

  • Decollaring Guide—my white paper expanding on this column w/fuller fixes.
  • Independents Rising book—I will lay out an entire Independents’ movement.[3]

The crisis, of course, is what’s upon us with the ‘covtardia’ (ref. my Stonebeam #1 footnote)-induced mass “catastrophic irrationality” and its opportunistic Great Reset infection. [There are other (related) threats in the Matrix,[4] all of which require us to End CBS NOW! and take practical political steps to resolve its antihuman effects.]

So what’s the origin and development of CBS? Two major intellectuals lie at the root of the understanding: Julian Jaynes and Ayn Rand. Continue reading

Stonebeam 16. Thrive and FLOW, a Modest Proposal

Story Shot 16, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 07 December 2020

Or vice versa. The Thrive I’m speaking of is the umbrella movement for world peace and liberty, seeded by Foster and Kimberly Gamble with two remarkable videos

In addition to the distinctively scientific approach to what exists and what might exist—for a thriving planet—the Thrive understanding includes a sharp analysis of what Foster calls the Global Domination Agenda (GDA)… and loosely identifies those behind it, let’s call them the Global Crime Syndicate (GCS) or simply ‘the Syndicate.’

We have to point out the barnacles on the ass of human progress that interfere with our vision of a better world. When I do so to my special normie[1] friends—say, 5G or GMOs or vaccines—they say, “Brian, you’re so negative!”

Occupational hazard, I guess, to tackle the wrongdoers; that’s why I like the inherently positive view that the Thrive movement holds up: a bright shining light dispelling the darkness. Please refer to my #5 Stonebeam (under | Stones).

My own contribution is a cultivation philosophy and practice known as FLOW.

I put together a short four-minute launch video [] that gives you the lowdown. Indeed, raising and sharing FLOW is my life’s purpose.

The idea itself I’ve had for nearly a decade. From the original three-panel brochure the notion was to bring people together in mutual self-help as a community of Independents[2]… much like the Christian (Lutheran) church congregation of my own experience in a middle America town of the 1950s. With these distinctions:

  • Cultivating independent consciousness: honoring, not worshiping, great souls
  • Providing spiritual and social foundation for each person’s reasoning ability
  • Encouraging each individual’s rise into Being via fellowship of kindred souls
  • Nourishing rooted principles for living a good life in harmony with the Field

Continue reading

Stonebeam 9: Taking out the ‘Noise Mind’ II

Story Shot 9, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 14 November 2020

Referring back to the Eckhart Tolle quote in NM I:

“You already have it [“peace beyond understanding”].
Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

Let’s talk about Tolle for a minute. [And realize that he’s one of many true spiritual teachers down the ages who has conveyed, with his own special flavor, the same central spiritual message—he’d be the first to admit that he’s one of many in the tradition.]

What is that central spiritual message?

That ‘you’ are not your mind. To have the inner peace we would like to enjoy in our lives we need to learn to stop identifying with (and being hammered senseless by) the ‘runaway’ mind, which “creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images words, judgments, and definitions that blocks all true relationship.” [page 12 in the PON.]

Thus Tolle focuses on …the mind keeping you awake when you’re trying to sleep on a Sunday night. Several modifiers apply: runaway mind, reactive mind, compulsive mind. I believe the Buddhists use the phrase ‘monkey brain’ to describe the tail-wagging-the-dog phenomenon that goes on in the heads of 99.5% (?) of us all day long.

THAT usage is what I mean for ‘noise mind’ and what humanity has to take out.

Which is a tall order when you consider the numbers afflicted worldwide.

Ol’ Eckhart is just one cockeyed optimist, pony-in-the-pile-o-manure kind o’ guy.

Isn’t he? Continue reading

Stonebeam 7. Taking out the ‘Noise Mind’ I

Story Shot 7, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 09 November 2020

“You already have it. Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

So who is Eckhart Tolle, you may ask?

He’s a spiritual teacher whom I’ve come to see as the supreme contemporary carrier (manifester) of the central spiritual message for humanity thru the ages—from the Buddha to Jesus to Gandhi.

Mr. Tolle, in his thirties, had recently experienced a life changing upheaval and transformation in an incident taking him from the brink of suicide to a “peace beyond understanding.” For months he would sit for hours on park benches, in a state of utter bliss.

Friends would ask, “I want what you have, how do I get it?”

Which is where the above-quoted response emerged.

Tolle became a source for me sometime during my Free State experience ca. 2006, and when I started doing and related writings. When I say “source,” his PON has become the go-to guide (along with Falun Dafa) for my spiritual cultivation practice—dog-eared with my stickies, highlights, underlines, notes, etc.

Tolle became a source for me sometime during my Free State experience ca. 2006, and when I started doing and related writings. When I say “source,” his PON has become the go-to guide (along with Falun Dafa) for my spiritual cultivation practice—dog-eared with my stickies, highlights, underlines, notes, etc.

It also informed my work… the Field of ideas-causes: ‘Independents Rising.’

Fast forward to a little more than a year ago, and search for my “Sharing Healing Tools” column on That column emerged from the courtroom speech by Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s movie, The Fountainhead, when he stated, “There is no such thing as a collective brain.” [Thus the ‘collective-brain syndrome.’]

Think about that for a minute. It’s an axiomatic statement. We exist as individuals and our brains are part of our own individual bodies. Yet the consciousnesses of so many actually function subordinating their judgments, reasoning, hopes, wishes, dreams, fears, their entire emotional makeup, to ‘what others think’—herd mind.

The prime driver of modern mind control, Edward Bernays, knew this:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation  of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.”
— Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

For a penetrating look at the mechanism, see Rule from the Shadows, still on YouTube(?). For an anthropological view, read Julian Jaynes’ suppressed classic, The Origin of Consciousness… which holds that until very recently homo sapiens’ minds were ‘bicameral,’ one side taking literal orders (hearing voices) from the other, directly conveyed from the god-king, tribal leader, captive intermediaries, etc.

Jaynes also writes of periods of “vestigial” bicameralism…

…as today with the ‘covid’ god-king edicts based on 100% hot air, yet because of the 100-year setup of the collective-brain masses—especially w/ mainstream-sosh-media propaganda and state schools—unimpeded, like crap thru a goose-stepper.

What’s an Independent to do? Or a normie wanting to rise to self-presence?

Question: “Is ‘collective-brain’ (herd-mind) the same as ‘noise-mind?’

Answer: “Close enough for government work.”

Thus, if we can turn humanity one-by-one or en masse to drop ‘noise mind,’ then the deadly Body Snatcher ‘hive’ will overnight be sent packing by Snatchee enlightenment/abandonment: Read and practice Tolle. Be a quiet fireball via

For souls who have it well-nailed: Proudly identify out as an Independent. Resonate (align) with the “love force.” On the ground, use all available liberty resources.

How about a cup o’ joe to the writer?

Brian’s Column: What Would Jesus Do, How Would Jesus Be?

Thoughts on an Aspect of Spiritual Consciousness
By Brian R. Wright

It’s Sunday morning, and I’ve awakened after a decent sleep. Immediately, my mind turns to the despair conveyed to me from a good friend and 9/11 Truth and Justice ally, Rudy. Via email he has brought to my attention Robert David Steele’s amazing and powerful, united-front Citizens’ Intelligence Briefing on 9/11 Truth for the President. [And earlier in the week I brought to his attention the hugely popular appealing video that has received more than three million views: Anatomy of a Great Deception, by David Hooper.]

Me: “Why the despair, Rudy? This is fabulous news. On two fronts.”

Rudy: “Sorry to be so cynical, but…No matter what we say and what authority we claim, nobody will listen. Has anything about this brief appeared anywhere other than in notifications from We live in a bicameral society. America is the greatest. America is the freest. Etc.” Then, Rudy ricochets toward the end as negative as I’ve ever seen him.

Countering the ‘depressive funk’ is why my mind turns to the Rudy matter… and to my own sense of just being ‘overwhelmed by circumstances…’ and the ‘what I need to do RIGHT NOW OR ALL IS LOST’ syndrome. When one is in such ‘compulsive-mind-mode’—ref. Eckhart Tolle—so to speak, then every little perturbation of what Buddha calls “the 10,000 things” has the potential to rattle one vigorously one way or the other. Like the tail wagging a dog into fine dust.

The immediate thought I had in the half-sleep before rising was that we’ve reached a point in our research of key truths, where all we need to do is state them calmly and matter of factly, as Jesus would do… and it’s icing on the cake if we can muster a parable or two from our Sunday School lore. In other words, Rudy and myself and so many others have gotten into the habit-oft-addiction of letting our minds trick us into this illusory dragon-slaying mode. We need a change. Continue reading

Book Review: The Power of Now (1999)

A guide to spiritual enlightenment… by Eckhart Tolle
Review by Brian Wright
Major insights with transformative potential
New World Library, 191 pages

It’s an enchanting thought, isn’t it?  In the middle of a society whose centers of political power are emanating stale rot to the accompaniment of bugles, we’re beginning to see a vibrant coalescence of awareness (COA) among ordinary people.  Extraordinary ordinary people that is. Spiritual enlightenment has become sort of a preoccupation of mine, not to say I’ve made stellar progress on my own but I like to see it and comment on it in others.  For example, I reviewed The Celestine Prophecy, a personally liberating book that gathered numerous devotees through the 1990s and beyond.  A fair amount of my other work on my site has had a theme of self-improvement or self-discovery or both, e.g.

book reviews of:
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Think and Grow Rich
Building a Bridge to the 18th Century
The Secret behind Secret Societies
The Secret

movie reviews of:
The Matrix
Ulee’s Gold
V for Vendetta (revenge-oriented but still spiritually gratifying)
The Da Vinci Code

and articles or columns of:
The Sacred Nonaggression Principle
The 15-Minute Spirit Charge

Brew Pub Nation (beer is proof God wants us to be happy)
Reflections on a Noble Soul (loss of my brother) Continue reading

Book Review: Zen Driving (1988)

Be a Buddha behind the wheel of your automobile
by K.T. Burger

ZenDrivingFor many of us in America, sadly so I must admit, the act of driving a motor vehicle occupies our time almost as thoroughly as breathing. Eckhart Tolle, in his book The Power of Now, speaks of being content standing in line by becoming attuned to our inner bodies, to simply ‘Be’ in time without any other need. Tolle advocates to look at normal frustrations of being held up from immediate, reactive ‘goals’ as opportunities for spiritual connection. Perhaps in a subsequent edition Tolle will offer a similar cultivation practice for being held up in traffic.

Interestingly, I have taken a part time job as a medical technician driver for a firm doing XRay swallow tests for patients at rehab centers. We drive all over the bottom half of the lower peninsula of Michigan with a Ford 350 van, with which I am still unfamiliar. Thus it’s timely that I have once again picked up Mr. Burger’s[1] book for a third read, now. (The first was in the mid 1990s, then again maybe three or four years ago.) In addition to the act of driving, my new coach job carries an MD and a speech pathologist as passengers. Becoming ‘Zen’ (at one in  pure awareness) with it amounts to a new level of accomplishment for what K and T refer to as experiencing the natural self. Continue reading