Book Review: The Patriot’s Toolbox (2010)

Eighty principles for restoring liberty and prosperity
by The Heartland Institute
Reviewed by Brian Wright

The Patriot's ToolboxBack in the late 1970s the so-called Craniacs— Libertarian Party (LP activists, led by Ed Crane, rooted to funding by Kansas oil billionaire Charles Koch—were on the march (to influence party policy on a broad range of issues). I recall, then, one young political journalist in the Crane/Koch camp writing for the magazine, Libertarian Review, a column something like, “Garbage Can Libertarianism.” Of course this phrase was pejorative and targeted at the sorts of libertarians who identified with more down-to-earth economic policies—such as privatization of city services (such as garbage collection)—advocated by the Reason Foundation and Reason magazine. Continue reading