Movie Review: Iron Man 1

Best in breed of recent superhero movies __ 6.5/10

Iron ManVirginia ‘Pepper’ Potts: Tony, you know that I would help you with anything, but I cannot help you if you’re going to start all this again.
Tony Stark: There is nothing except this. There’s no art opening, no charity, nothing to sign. There’s the next mission, and nothing else.
Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts: Is that so? Well, then I quit.
Tony Stark: You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction. Now that I’m trying to protect the people I’ve put in harm’s way, you’re going to walk out?
Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts: You’re going to kill yourself, Tony. I’m not going to be a part of it.
Tony Stark: I shouldn’t be alive… unless it was for a reason. I’m not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it’s right. Continue reading

Movie Review: Country Strong (2010)

Friendly movie hints of Nashville _ 7/10

Country StrongKelly Canter: [quoting Waylon Jennings’ lyrics]
“If you see me getting smaller, I’m leaving, don’t be grieving, just gotta get away from here. If you see me getting smaller, don’t worry, and no hurry, I’ve got the right to disappear.”

This was just a likable little movie from the gitgo. Very simple, the above four characters are really the only ones with important lines. Singer Tim McGraw is frankly out of his league in Actorville, but still carries on bravely and makes whatever plot there is connect in a convincing way. As for that plot, it’s about the country superstar Kelly Canter (Gwyneth Paltrow), whose fortunes have waned for various reasons and who is hanging on for a big comeback orchestrated by her manager husband James (Tim McGraw). She loves her husband, who has been there for her ‘despite all the crap,’ (mostly from her) but she is also fond of a semi-renegade, non-or-at-least-less materialistic new singer Beau Hutton (Garrett Hedlund). Continue reading