Movie Review: Follow the Fleet (1936)

Classic with a monster Fred and Ginger song-and-dance hit at the end (8/10)

follow_the_fleetReaders of my movie reviews realize occasionally I like to dig back into the vault of golden memories, even before I was born, to check out the classics.  Follow the Fleet is one such classic that you may have a hard time finding at your local video store, but NetFlix carries the DVD complete with some fascinating special features.

Fleet was released in 1936 during the middle of the depression when people were having a tough time worldwide finding jobs or even finding food to put on the table.  In Europe Hitler was on the rise, along with other nationalist/socialist whackjobs.  In the United States seeds of the Cartel sown with the Federal Reserve Act and subterfuges surrounding the income tax amendment (16) were beginning to bear fruit for connected finance capitalists and their dominating secret societies.

For the average guy and girl, times were tough.  Enter Hollywood with at least some hopeful images—I don’t think we can properly call them propaganda at this point, even though this particular movie revolves around war-preparatory naval exercises.  The real issue for boys and girls then, as now, was how to hook up with the right one, lead a decent life, have wonderful children, with a modicum of grace and elegance.

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