Book Review: Jackie and Bobby (2009)

Bobby and JackieA love story
by C. David Heymann

Okay, I confess, lots of times when I’m in the supermarket, and in the checkout line, I’ll read the gossip and celebrity tabloids. It’s like once in a while taking a bite out of a jelly donut, it tastes good, and with just a morsel you don’t suffer any ill effects.

Books like Bobby and Jackie, though, while they deal with celebrities and famous ones, provide more than the titillation of living vicariously in the moment. Plus, they’re books. So the process of taking in the message of the author is a longer and more deliberate task, requiring an active intellectual approach to get the most appreciation. Bobby and Jackie falls in the category of pleasure reading, for most of us: no particularly heavy concepts, nothing new ideologically, like bedtime stories for children or trying on a comfortable old pair of shoes. Continue reading