Guest Column: The Offense of Proposal 1

Why voters should be offended by Proposal 1
by Tom McMillin, Detroit Free Press guest writer, 05032015

LansingMobEditor’s Note: Time to take a journey of defensive voting to turn back the worst case where the state of Michigan would impose a $2 billion tax increase by a 46,000-WORD CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT! I understand the point of view of the nihilist-anarchists among us who “refuse to vote on moral principle” (it allegedly sanctions power the state shouldn’t have), but let’s not fall into the trap of dropping context and doing nothing when the barbarians are at the gate… AND we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pile on and disband these looting savages in suits, sending them scurrying for cover—as a lesson to the whole world. [Think Proposition 13, California, 1978. Only more so.]  

Prop 1 has to be defeated by an enormous margin, at least 3-1, hopefully 4-1. Why? Because a) that will put an end to the establishment mob in Michigan who treat us as public property and b) it will send a message to Washington and around the world that the day of blithe arrogance of the ‘tax receiving’ class is coming to an abrupt end. Make no mistake: the crushing defeat by the ordinary ‘tax paying’ class of such a crude and outrageous act of expropriation as Proposal 1 will assert fundamental humanity and its unyielding desire for freedom. In a time when the political elites have deluded themselves that the 99% have succumbed to blind obedience and TV-junkie ignorance. The following column by Tom McMillin puts the case for voting No as succinctly and rationally as possible. Please go to the polls tomorrow and send the message of liberty.—bw    Continue reading