Movie Review: Interstate 60 (2002)

Fantasy-blend morality play, political fun _ 6.5/10

Interstate 60Bob Cody: Ever hear of Frederick Turner, Mr. Oliver?
Neal Oliver: No, Sir.
Bob Cody: Well, he was an historian. About a hundred years ago he came up with a theory about the frontier. He said the frontier was a safety valve for civilization, a place for people to go to keep from goin’ mad. So, whenever there were folks who couldn’t fit in with the way things were, nuts, and malcontents, and extremists, they’d pack up and head for the frontier. That’s how America got started…
Neal Oliver: What about space? You know, the final frontier!
Bob Cody: Ah, Star Trek, that isn’t space. That’s television – fine fuckin’ frontier that is. Besides, how many folks can just pack up and go to space? Continue reading