Guest Column: “How high’s the water, Mama?”

When will Obama protest, “I am not a crook.”?
by Jon Rappoport (from

The upward pressure of ongoing scandals is moving into the White House. Benghazi, AP, IRS.

The president’s surrogates are trying out their lying skills.

Jay Carney: The situation at the IRS isn’t really a scandal, depending on what the definition of “is” is. And if one uses the passive voice, that’s acceptable, as in “mistakes were made.” Continue reading

Guest Column: IRS Criminality => More

IRS criminality proves big government is lawless,
unrestrained and utterly out of control … by Mike Adams
Excerpt from Natural News 4/30/2013

IRS_CriminalLawless government out of control What the IRS scandal really proves is that big government is completely out of control. Give an unelected group a bureaucrats enough power — the IRS is run by appointees who don’t answer to voters — and they will sooner or later construct fiefdoms of corruption and criminality.

This is a universal law of bureaucracy. What the IRS did to conservative groups, the FDA is routinely doing to natural products manufacturers and supplement companies. It’s what the DEA is doing to medical marijuana dispensaries and what the FTC is doing to religious ministries that also happen to sell herbs for cancer. Continue reading