Movie Review: The Apartment (1960)

Laughs and love in the age of Mad Men ___ 9/10
Review by Brian Wright

Written by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond
The ApartmentDirected by Billy Wilder

[first lines]
C.C. Baxter
: [narrating] On November 1st, 1959, the population of New York City was 8,042,783. If you laid all these people end to end, figuring an average height of five feet six and a half inches, they would reach from Times Square to the outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan. I know facts like this because I work for an insurance company – Consolidated Life of New York. We’re one of the top five companies in the country. Our home office has 31,259 employees, which is more than the entire population of uhh… Natchez, Mississippi. I work on the 19th floor. Ordinary Policy Department, Premium Accounting Division, Section W, desk number 861. Continue reading