Movie Review: Friday Night Lights (TV Miniseries: 2007-2011)

Friday Night Lights  (TV Miniseries) _ 9/10
The religion of Texas high school football
Review by Brian Wright

Written by Peter Berg and Buzz Bissinger (34 episodes)
Directed by Jeffrey Reiner (12 episodes)

Friday_NightLooking around for something for Mama for Christmas, it occurred to me she’s a huge fan of Kyle Chandler… esp. his role in the mid-1990s series, Early Edition, where he plays a young man who for mysterious reasons receives a newspaper every morning with news of events 24 hours into the future.  (An innovative idea with more plot possibilities than Star Trek!  Mom rarely missed an episode.)

So that settled it: I’d track down a DVD collection with Kyle Chandler in it.  Turns out CBS hadn’t yet released the DVDs on Early Edition, but the actor was heading up the cast of a critically acclaimed new series based on the book Friday Night Lights (FNL)… which had also been turned into a movie of the same name starring Billy Bob Thornton.  So with Mom also having spent some time in a small East Texas town (Tyler) and being fully aware of the fanaticism Texans bring to their high-school football experience—recall the incident of the mother in a town near Houston who wanted to kill her daughter’s rival on the cheerleading squad (made into a movie)—I figured Mom’d appreciate the first season of the Friday Night Lights miniseries.  Did I ever get that right! Continue reading

Movie Review: Super 8 (2011)

An ageless, fantabulous family film ___ 8/10

Super 8Cary: Stop talking about production value, the Air Force is going to kill us.

Joe Lamb: She [his mother who died] used to look at me… this way, like really look… and I just knew I was there… that I existed.

Great casting, incredible imagination, quality dialog, believable story,[1] attention-holding action, heroes and villains realistic and timely, and a twist of 1980s nostalgia. Super 8 presses all the right buttons as an ageless, fantabulous family film. Continue reading