Guest Column: Sue the Banksters

Reparations for the Common Man?
Major banks, government officials, and finance capitalists targeted by Spire Law Group, LLP, in unpredented $43 trillion recovery lawsuit
by Spire Law Group

ReparationsThis targeted legal action is close to a concept I’ve had for some time now, but strangely failed to get many enthusiastic backers: reparations from the central banks for devaluation of the currency over the past century… to be calculated by accepted accounting practices and paid to the ‘productive class.’   I want to thank my Ukie Oath Keeper libertarian dude, Ron Burcham, for drawing it to my attention. Apparently, the powers that be (PTB) are taking the Spire lawsuit seriously. [Note: $43 trillion = $43 million million, meaning enough to restore 43 million people with a $million each (or 430 million people with $100,000 each—which is about what I owe on my condo). In other words some serious smack. A $billion here, a $billion there….] — Editor Continue reading