Guest Column: The Twisted Logic of Vaccines

Dumbed-down populations accept outrageous vaccine logic
by Jon Rappoport, 5 February 2013

JonMatrixEditor’s Note: I’m transcribing Mr. Rappoport’s entire column in this instance. Which I prefer not to do, but the issue is so important that people receive information as conveniently as possible from all sources. Please visit Jon Rappoport’s Website and patronize his work and advertisers. He is the premier alternative (i.e. genuine) information source on the Web today and the absolute leader in claiming the benign, heroic world of our individual imaginations… destroying the collectivist Death Star once and for all.

I’ve written articles attacking the theory and practice of vaccination from a variety of angles. But the whole issue also needs to be approached from the perspective of logic. Continue reading

Book Review: Th!nk

Why crucial decisions can’t be made in the blink of an eye
by Michael R. LeGault
2006, THRESHOLD EDITIONS, 336 pages

Think_1On the heels of the popular 2005 book Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell—which argues that we know things a lot more subconsciously and immediately than we often realize—Michael LeGault says, “We make knowledge the old-fashioned way, we noodle it out.”

LeGault holds that to arrive at knowledge requires a good deal of work in the pedestrian fields of logic.  And the book, mainly by reference to modern-day omissions of that logic, shows us the importance of the fading art of thinking.

Think! is best when identifying widespread symptoms of unreason: Continue reading