Brian’s Column: After 9/11 Truth, Chapter 4

Stepping up to Satyagraha

“To confront Evil of this MAGNITUDE, facts alone are not enough.
The 9/11 truth movement is, and must be, the heart of a growing global ‘truth force’ (Satyagraha) initiated by M. Gandhi on September 11, 1901.
— Barbara Honegger, MS, Behind the Smoke Curtain

SmokeMany thanks to Ms. Honegger, whom I look forward to the pleasure of meeting. Her comments at the Town Hall Theater in Seattle, January 2013—which became the dagger video: Behind the Smoke Curtain—are the origin of my own discovery of Satyagraha.

Indeed, the idea of a smoke curtain (official deception) is integral to my Barrier Cloud concept just discussed in Chapter 3. The dispelling of that obstacle thru deep spiritual resources—that I point to in the BC monograph—also folds in perfectly with the cosmic moral force of Truth as the ultimate remedy to political, even as Barbara demonstrates, “Diabolical,” Evil. Continue reading

Donut Hole: We’re Off to Leave the Wizard

Dorothy and Toto dispel the illusion of power
by Brian Wright

The Wizard of OzSometimes I wonder whether the moral allegory of The Wizard of Oz is all we need to set the world straight. Remember the timeless movie we Boomers grew up with as a spring ritual on TV: A girl on the threshold of adventurous maidenhood finds herself in a daydream that turns into a nightmare—until she realizes everything she needs is right here at home. Symbolism is rampant within the original turn-of-the-19th-century novel by Frank Baum, and in the movie none more so than the scene where Dorothy, her dog Toto, and her three farmhand-surrogate protector-friends enter the chamber of the Great Oz: Continue reading