Guest Column: Stopping ‘LEOs Gone Wild’

An ordinance template for your city, township, or village…

AuburnCourtesy of David Lonier running for Michigan state representative, 29th district. The ordinance is written for Auburn Hills, Michigan. Simply change Auburn Hills to your own municipality and socialize with your representatives in local government.


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Guest Column: Oh the Stupidity

Probability… at a crossroads of human history
by L. Neil Smith and the Libertarian Enterprise

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I saw a headline the other day claiming that eight out of ten Americans believe that there is inevitably going to be another Holocaust.

The headline was based on a poll reported by Joseph Fara’s World Net Daily, and was conducted on behalf of author Joel C. Rosenberg. I always take anything I read on WND with a grain or two of salt, all the more because I have a couple of highly respected friends who once worked there. I am uncertain whether I ever met Joel C. Rosenberg. In the 80s or 90s, I think, I had a conversation with someone named Joel Rosenberg that only managed to convince me he was a waste of space and oxygen. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Wanted: Locker Room Attendant

Notes from the front lines of the Great Recession
by Brian Wright (originally posted 11/15/2010)

As part of my Old Paradigm[1] job search process, I have resumes posted on a couple of online search firms: (and—Senior Moment!—I forget the other one it’s been so long since I’ve received any reasonable inquiries). I also had listed my resume with a more direct peddler of personnel named QuintCareers, where my account profile specifies technical or marketing writing/editing but also, apparently, leaves a big door open by listing an “Other” category in my preferred industry focus… not to mention leaving the low end of my salary needs at 10,000 FRNs annually. So I’ve been going along for probably three-four years receiving emailed newsletter lists of mainly technical writing jobs in three regions of the US: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes. Continue reading

Guest Column: Reflections on Petit Treason

Tying a knot on rude behavior by public servants
by Dean Hazel

The following communications were stirred by the recent incident at the US-Canadian border where border police abused two Canadian citizens just for the hell of it. Dean has done a lot of thinking and reading about the law pertaining to police and other public officers doing their duty respectful of the rights and dignity of the people they serve. Continue reading