Guest Column: Edwin Vieira’s Magnum Opus

De Jure Common Law Grand Jury and Related Thoughts on Militia…
Both for Securing Liberty in the Land via Dr. Edwin Vieira


and I came to the above location from this link

… which was enthusiastically endorsed by a good and longtime friend of mine, a proud Marine, who has a thorough grasp of  history, especially regarding the right to self protection via firearms ownership. Here is the rest of the fabulous and positive message I received from my friend… that will point you to the source book: Continue reading

Guest Column: Oh the Stupidity

Probability… at a crossroads of human history
by L. Neil Smith and the Libertarian Enterprise

Excerpt from full article here

I saw a headline the other day claiming that eight out of ten Americans believe that there is inevitably going to be another Holocaust.

The headline was based on a poll reported by Joseph Fara’s World Net Daily, and was conducted on behalf of author Joel C. Rosenberg. I always take anything I read on WND with a grain or two of salt, all the more because I have a couple of highly respected friends who once worked there. I am uncertain whether I ever met Joel C. Rosenberg. In the 80s or 90s, I think, I had a conversation with someone named Joel Rosenberg that only managed to convince me he was a waste of space and oxygen. Continue reading