Guest Column: Reflections on Petit Treason

Tying a knot on rude behavior by public servants
by Dean Hazel

The following communications were stirred by the recent incident at the US-Canadian border where border police abused two Canadian citizens just for the hell of it. Dean has done a lot of thinking and reading about the law pertaining to police and other public officers doing their duty respectful of the rights and dignity of the people they serve. Continue reading

Guest Column: USS Liberty, Liberty, and 9/11

Letter re: our republic and the threat of Zionism
by Dean Hazel

Posted by the Coffee Coaster with permission of the author

Dear Jim and other USS Liberty Survivors and Supporters:

Note this amazing video, in which FOX News allows an expert to discuss the evidence for controlled demolition on the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11… without attempting to ridicule him. You have to hear what this man [Richard Gage, leader of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth] has to say!!!!

I regard the information presented in this news broadcast recording as Continue reading