Brian’s Column: Reflections on a Noble Soul

Forrest S. Wright (1951-2007)
Seeds for new life and understanding

On May 7, 2017, it will be an unbelievable 10 years since my dear brother Forrest Steven Wright passed away at the tender age of 56. The column below was originally penned and posted shortly following his memorial service, then reposted two years after that. Since losing him then so unexpectedly, I have also had to say good bye to my mother (2/26/13) and to put my to sleep my trusty benevolent feline presence, Tabby (4/20/17). Losing Tabby reminded me, in particular, of Forrest and his Zen appreciation of all creatures great and small. I miss you, bro. Good night sweet boy.

The Original Postings

It seems like yesterday, though it’s been exactly a week since I accompanied my sister-in-law Grace and their children to the funeral home in Rochester, Michigan. Through varying waves of tears, we caringly helped one another move the process forward to yield to my brother Forrest a resting place attended by proper ceremony.

The whole affair turned out in its way as a work of art.  From visitation day, to reminiscences, to the honor-guard rifle salute—Forrest was a Vietnam vet—I can’t conceive of a better release for a finer being. So many friends and loved ones came, thank you so much. Grace, my nephews and nieces, my mother, and sister were all so wonderful.  Here are some parting words that have been put into print: Continue reading