Movie Review: The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Good ideas that read better than they film

This isn’t to put down the fine cast and expression of sublime ideas that cause everyone to catch their breath the first time they hear them. It’s just the nature of the ideas.

For those of you who were not swept up in The Da Vinci Code book, it was quite the page turner:  An author and scholar specializing in cultural symbols, Dr. Langdon, visits Paris, France, to deliver a series of lectures.  As he is finishing one of them, a police inspector (Fache) approaches him and insists Langdon accompany him to the Louvre.

There the curator (Saunière) has seemingly been killed or committed suicide in a bizarre fashion, leaving clues in his blood stains and body position specifically for Dr. Langdon to decipher.  This seems evidence to Fache that Langdon has something to do with the curator’s death, enough to charge and imprison Langdon.  Yet Sophie Neveu, a policewoman, intervenes and secrets Langdon away.

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