Movie Review: The Host (2013)

Decent exploration of alien takeover issues from author of Twilight (7.5/10)

HostIf Star Trek was the 1st generation of significant popular television sci fi, we’re getting into the 3d and 4th generations of pop sci fi now. Though The Host is a small movie that was  probably made for relative peanuts by Hollywood standards, what’s encouraging to me—a Star Trek original generation fan—is that it focuses on [yes, remarkably simple] ideas and deeper issues of humanity vs. wiz bang pyrotechnics and comic-book characterizations.

The author of the novel, Stephenie Meyer (who also wrote the series of books that became the megablockbuster Twilight movies), I must say stays true to her teen drama roots in The Host.  The main characters are only just recently teenagers, young adults facing their prime time… which turns out to be a post apocalyptic future where the humans have been almost universally absorbed into an Invasion of the Body Snatchers alien collective. The intro blurb from the IMDb page says a lot: Continue reading