Guest Column: Replacing False Icons

Sharing two sacred cows that we need to realize aren’t so sacred after all
Emma Fiala [original here] and Gilad Atzmon [original here]

It’s becoming more and more clear to me lately that we, the species I call my own, are on the threshold of letting go of our sacred cows… thanks to simple willingness of independent consciousnesses to face the truth… and strike out for justice. Here are my seven mainstay assaults of the global toxocracy that we are coming to grips with:

  1. Tax Lies—thoroughly exposed and remedied at the practical personal level by The Hendrickson Discovery
  2. False-Flags—the 9/11 attacks/coverup and other major false-flag acts of state terror, many with deep-state, globalist architects
  3. Toxic Skies—covert atmospheric aerosol spraying and electromagnetic bombardment of the ionosphere (HAARP)
  4. Frankenfoods—massive distribution of harmful genetically modified organism (GMO) crops to world populations
  5. Fry & Spy—radio-frequency (RF) and dirty electricity now principally thru electric ‘smart’ meters: surveillance, health/safety violation
  6. Sliming Baby—medical fascism, particularly via mandated vaccines that whack immune systems and escalate the autism epidemic
  7. ‘Botting’ Junior—compulsory state factory schooling, longtime affliction of the body politic, acculturating kids to prison planet

Ref. my political philosophy of Trumanism.

But even individuals such as myself who are relatively aware of the ongoing ravages of the New World Order collective have pockets of ignorance about what really happened in our often hallowed history. One such pocket is my persistent belief that the original Thanks-giving was, as Ayn Rand once put it, “a celebration of productive work by the noble forefathers of our society.” Well, let me begin with a few paragraphs from the first part of this guest column:

How to be Less Ignorant this Thanksgiving, by Emma Fiala

A day seen by many Americans as a day of celebration, a day for family, and a day for giving thanks, is perceived by many Native Americans as a day filled with ignorance, a day filled with anger and a day full of mourning.

While millions of Americans prepare this week to get into the holiday spirit, beginning with Thanksgiving, how many are prepared to view the day through an accurate lens? While to many Americans the holiday serves as a reminder to give thanks, it is seen as a day of mourning by countless others. The truth is: European migrants brutally murdered Native Americans, stole their lands, and continue to do so today. Continue reading