Brian’s Column: Libertarian Macho Flash, The Next Generation

Angry ‘idealism’ can still ‘mess up a free lunch’
by Brian Wright

FlashYears ago, when I was young and invincible, also omniscient and omnipotent—and exceptionally good looking—I was so convinced of the ideas of liberty promulgated from leading lights—in the heroic individualist camp of Ayn Rand as well as the pudgy affable creative intellectual camp of Murray Rothbard—that my egoic mind seized on a number of their aphorisms as axioms that only morons and moral defectives could fail to understand. My attitude—often stoked by alcohol (for which I had an unusual tolerance and affinity)—was angry and self-righteous: if all these subhumans don’t get it, then f*** ’em. I’m busy and important; they don’t matter. Continue reading