Guest Column: OK Thanksgiving Meditations

Thoughts from an Oath Keeper on the meaning
(and implications to Leviathan) of secession
by Chris Duane

Chris Duane Semper FiIt’s Thanksgiving. Our forefathers were thankful to live on a newly-discovered continent, and later they were thankful to live as freemen who had escaped the British Empire’s rule and control over their lives.

Today we are thankful for what yet remains of the traditions which have marked our country’s greatness over two centuries. But many of us are harried somewhat as we have noticed that our great country is drifting toward collectivism and away from the individualism which forged and formed America as the greatest nation on earth, in all of earth’s human history. Now people in all fifty States are talking about secession. It’s driving the communists mad. While enjoying our holiday, let’s look into the idea of secession vs collectivism. It will do the Pilgrim proud to hold such contemplations on this very special day. It also would please the ghost of Henry David Thoreau, don’t you agree? Continue reading