Brian’s Column: American Freedom is Ours NOW!

All we have to do en masse is NOT do something unpleasant we were doing…
an urgent message for all would-be bona fide libertarian ‘opinion leaders’

HeadupassAnd by libertarian opinion leader, I mean every American writer or celebrity with some following who has ever had the adjective libertarian applied to his name—from John Stossel and Ron Paul to Alex Jones and Matt Drudge to Gary Johnson and Mary Ruwart and Jesse Ventura to Libertarian Party members, officials, candidates and anyone engaged in the political process in any manner to effect a world of liberty. And let’s not forget all the truthers and their leading icons — regarding 911, chemtrails, GMOs, spy-and-fry utility meters, forced medicine, etc. — those concerned with the high-crime assaults enabled by the veil of universal deception. I have in mind literally several hundred notable or activist individuals. And what do I have them in mind FOR?!

For the fact that virtually none of this vast quantity of ostensibly ‘wants-us-to-be-free’ leader-persons—as articulate and popular a commentator as he or she may have become—has cared so much as to acknowledge what I’m calling the Hendrickson Discovery and that tens of thousands of American individuals have kept all the fruits of their labor out of the hands of the federal Leviathan. Now. Today. Legally and prudentially. The amount of wealth these real Americans have retained/reclaimed is approaching $3 billion. [The amount of improperly extracted (via gross popular ignorance) federal income tax revenue is approximately a thousand times more than that, annually.

Think about those numbers for a minute: The government can commit a lot of heinous crimes with $3 trillion per year. Or put another way: The government can commit virtually no heinous crimes without these $trillions it deceives Americans into forking over.]

Then here’s my message to all my esteemed and august libertarian opinion leaders: PLEASE IMMEDIATELY RETRACT YOUR HEADS FROM YOUR NETHER REGIONS! Continue reading