Brian’s Column: American Freedom is Ours NOW!

All we have to do en masse is NOT do something unpleasant we were doing…
an urgent message for all would-be bona fide libertarian ‘opinion leaders’

HeadupassAnd by libertarian opinion leader, I mean every American writer or celebrity with some following who has ever had the adjective libertarian applied to his name—from John Stossel and Ron Paul to Alex Jones and Matt Drudge to Gary Johnson and Mary Ruwart and Jesse Ventura to Libertarian Party members, officials, candidates and anyone engaged in the political process in any manner to effect a world of liberty. And let’s not forget all the truthers and their leading icons — regarding 911, chemtrails, GMOs, spy-and-fry utility meters, forced medicine, etc. — those concerned with the high-crime assaults enabled by the veil of universal deception. I have in mind literally several hundred notable or activist individuals. And what do I have them in mind FOR?!

For the fact that virtually none of this vast quantity of ostensibly ‘wants-us-to-be-free’ leader-persons—as articulate and popular a commentator as he or she may have become—has cared so much as to acknowledge what I’m calling the Hendrickson Discovery and that tens of thousands of American individuals have kept all the fruits of their labor out of the hands of the federal Leviathan. Now. Today. Legally and prudentially. The amount of wealth these real Americans have retained/reclaimed is approaching $3 billion. [The amount of improperly extracted (via gross popular ignorance) federal income tax revenue is approximately a thousand times more than that, annually.

Think about those numbers for a minute: The government can commit a lot of heinous crimes with $3 trillion per year. Or put another way: The government can commit virtually no heinous crimes without these $trillions it deceives Americans into forking over.]

Then here’s my message to all my esteemed and august libertarian opinion leaders: PLEASE IMMEDIATELY RETRACT YOUR HEADS FROM YOUR NETHER REGIONS!

The Hendrickson Discovery

CtCThe practical results I’m asserting above are readily verifiable. The ‘Discovery’ comes from Pete Hendrickson’s 2003 book, Cracking the Code (CtC). In a sentence, the law and regulatory code for the federal income tax strictly confine the tax as an excise applying to the exercise of a federal privilege—working for the federal government, holding public office, receiving payments from the federal government or federal corporations, earnings on federal investment properties, etc. Bottom line: Direct earnings whether from labor or investment are not federally taxable. [This is the way the code is written, consistently throughout; it only became possible to learn this truth when the code became digitized and available to the public for keyword searches in the late 1990s.]

Pete Hendrickson was the first to wade through the swamp to make the liberating exposé. The book is full of historical reference and foundation for the Constitutional prohibition of federal direct taxation (Article 1, Section 9) except by apportionment among the several states (which has been resorted to on a couple of occasions). [The Founders’ idea behind a direct tax by apportionment is for emergencies such as war.] Fortunately, as well, Mr. Hendrickson is a brilliant, compelling, and forceful writer. If you read CtC, you’ll see for yourself the logic and the indisputable reality on the nature of the income tax.

An Open Letter: Dear Liberty Opinion Leader

What is your main concern about impinging tyranny? War? Unconstitutional social programs? Civil liberties violations? Mass deception covering for heinous capital crimes? Using these as examples, picking four specific impingements in each of the categories:

  1. The US appears to be prepping for another war, this time vs. Iran, as part of the Greater Israel Project.
  2. Obamacare continues to unfold as the train wreck it was meant to be; Republican state legislatures are capitulating right and left.
  3. Under Agenda 21, the federal government sent the states huge wads-o-cash to force electric customers to accept meters that fry and spy on them; these programs are advancing with power cutoffs and lawsuits for those who refuse to comply.
  4. Nobody at the Air Force in conjunction with chemical corporations and academic elites has yet come clean on massive stratospheric aerosol geoengineering inflicting a constant stream of toxic chemicals into our lungs and onto our land and water.

Guess what. All of the above government-collusive crimes have pretty much open ended price tags, easily trending toward hundreds of $billions per year—each. None of these crimes can be committed if Americans simply recognize the Hendrickson Truth and turn off the spigot: “Today ‘I Federal Gummint’ have $3 trillion. Tomorrow ‘I Federal Gummint’ have maybe $30 billion (my ballpark estimate of what the federal income tax properly applied would net annually). Oh my, what will I do?!” Nor can the feds ‘just print money’ DoreenFunderwithout complete evisceration of the dollar. The options are absolute: Lawful taxation => massive rollbacks in government programs… the most criminal programs end first.

So my libertarian opinion-leader friend. Make it your top priority to read Cracking the Code, then make it your second top priority to reclaim your own wealth from Leviathan, and finally share the good news throughout your opinion network, social networks and distribution lists. Following Pete Hendrickson’s exclamations that the emperor is naked, make it a point of personal pride and honor to be the ‘Second Little Boy’ to confirm the clear fact. The Truth Bus is on a roll, so don’t hold back and be remembered as hopelessly slow or fearful. Show some cojones by showing some smarts. Get out front of the parade.

National Boycott Idea

Several months ago, I toyed with this idea, namely to create an overwhelming grassroots movement to end the unhinged American regime of aggression, torture, and terror. Here’s the 2013 column that I wrote to launch that; for a while I even created a site to promote the cause. One of the key qualities of my boycott was a phased participation approach, where individuals could basically adopt a range of actions from lower to higher risk. [When a boycott is successful via mass noncompliance, all acts of noncompliance are no risk.] Naively, I believed the overwhelming justice of ending the Death Star state would generate wide support, even celebrities coming on board. Not.

For the arguments I have just made under the previous heading, adopting the Hendrickson Discovery, en masse, accomplishes all the ends I would have hoped for, immediately. It is effectively a national boycott of Big Government running amok… with this key difference: It is legal, prudential, and financially restorative to all productive individuals deciding they will be free. We have the tools and we can do the job. Turn off the spigot of blood you have been tricked into believing must be channeled to Washington every spring.

Final Note: Darkest Just before the Dawn

Yes, as many of you know, Pete Hendrickson has done time for his beliefs, and now his wife Doreen is doing time for those same beliefs. Rather, as a consequence of holding their beliefs. Corrupted persons in the US justice system and courts—recognizing the growing avalanche of educated tax filings and the threat that such widespread knowledge of the law thus poses to continued funding of federal mob operations—have chosen to make examples of the leaders. Like Galileo and Joan of Arc, Pete and Doreen are merely targets of the mob bosses desperately trying to hold on to power by brute intimidation.

None of the charges against Pete or Doreen is for improperly designating their earnings as subject to the income tax. The government bad actors know their day is done. The people’s light at the end of the tunnel is the end of their tunnel. So they’re excreting frisbees in a flat-out, full-tilt-boogie panic. There is absolutely no way that the appeal (—short of complete state abrogation of the rule of law—will not result in overturning Doreen’s conviction. She and Pete still need financial assistance to see them through their hour o’ need. Please give deeply via and share widely this funding page:

“Three things cannot remain long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

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