Movie Review: Trial and Error (1997)

Daniels and Richards primo comic duo ___ 7/10
Review by Brian Wright

Trial and ErrorWritten by Sara Bernstein
Directed by Jonathan Lynn

Richard Rietti: Maybe he’s the person that he conned the most. I mean we all do that, you know. We all keep a little bit of ourselves hidden. Cuz if we didn’t, well, then we’d have to look at who we are. Who we really are. And if we didn’t like it, well, we’d have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Take a break and return to the late 90s for a unique Hollywood offering that few people were aware of at the time, whether from poor marketing or simple inattention. Trial and Error takes the established screen actor at the time, Jeff Daniels (Gettysburg, Fly Away Home), and combines the kinetic TV presence, Kramer (Michael Richards), from Seinfield to accomplish an extremely funny and worthy satire suggesting the Biblical adage, “What shall it profit a man to win the whole world yet lose his own soul?” Continue reading