Movie Review: Dark Victory (1939)

Original chick flick still tugs at the heart ___ 8/10

Dark VictoryJudith: I’ve never taken orders from anyone. As long as I live, I’ll never take orders from anyone. I’m young and strong and nothing can touch me.

[Colleague: Are you quitting because you’ve lost your nerve?]
Dr. Frederick Steele
: I’m not quitting, I’m returning to medicine, have a little lab up north in Vermont.
[Colleague: How many men would give their eye teeth for a practice you’re throwing away? What is this research?]
Dr. Steele: Cells. Brain cells. Why do healthy normal cells go berserk and grow wild, do you know? Nobody knows! But they call them cysts and lyomas and tumors and cancers, and we operate and hope to cure with an eyeful but half the time we don’t even know the root cause. Our patients have faith in us because we’re doctors… I’m done. Continue reading