Brian’s Column: Las Vegas: Grand Juries to the Rescue

Prevent Las Vegas Type Mass Casualty Incidents by Indicting Public Officials
by Brian R. Wright

My sense is that it was a hybrid false flag with real victims and fake ones, as Robert David Steele suggests:

Steele hadn’t seen the blood photos initially, but after he did, he changed his mind about whether there were casualties. Many had real wounds, many dead bodies, not the responses of crisis actors. Very different reactions from say, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook. More like Orlando—suspected by many serious analysts to be a hybrid incident—though Orlando seemed predominantly staged, where it appears Vegas was predominantly real. Though we really can’t say that with any confidence, because we just don’t know at this point… Vegas may very well have been predominantly faked.

He believes that a non-USG rogue actor, probably Israeli Mossad, hijacked a FEMA fake mass casualty incident and murdered and mangled many civilians. As an act of war against the US, also serving the global security state corporate interests a la Zionist monsters Chertoff and Adelson:

The exact point of hybrids is to have actual casualties and thus, as a trap, to make, by associating with the ‘zero-deaths’ claim, all those who question the official story into uncaring boobs (by associating them with zero-death claimants) who can be easily dismissed as CTs. Continue reading