Book Review: Forks over Knives (2011)

The plant-based way to health
Edited by Gene Stone

Reposted on the occasion of the editor’s 50-year high school reunion near Kansas City, one-time center of the euphemistically termed ‘meat processing’ industry, especially cattle, and hence a barbecue bonanza. Thus for the few days of my visit I’ve taken a break from my mostly vegetarian diet to eat fine BBQ like the natives—and have suffered the digestive tract consequences. This book/DVD is what led me to embrace the vegetarian way, for health reasons, but also for humanitarian ones. — bw

A seismic revolution in health will not come from a pill, procedure, or operation. It will occur only when the public is endowed with nutritional literacy, the kind of knowledge portrayed in Forks over Knives and highlighted by this book. — From the foreword.

You are what you eat. That’s the important lesson of this game-changing book, which is the recipe-containing companion to a documentary film that doubles as a quiet heroic story of struggle and victory. Victory of the truth over decades, even centuries, of lies and misconceptions about the food we consume. In a nutshell the argument of Forks over Knives—the title is intended to suggest the conquest of the ‘knives’ of surgery by the ‘forks’ of eating the right foods—is that changing from an animal-based diet to a whole-foods, plant-based diet will not only make you dramatically healthier, it will prevent and even cure disease… the big ones: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer—most of the time, and within a matter of weeks. Continue reading