Stonebeam 31. Countering the Mass Psychosis ‘covid’ Op

Stop the ‘covid’ Snipe Hunt AND its Genocidal Witch Hunt
Story Shot 31, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 11 August 2021

This Stonebeam is triggered by an outstanding little sketch-video that came my way today, put together under auspices of and a group of artists known as Academy of Ideas. The title is “A Killing of the Mind,” and the subtitle: “Mass psychosis: How an entire population becomes mentally ill.” It’s no secret to whom the psychosis applies today, though the sketch lets you draw your own conclusions.

The creators make a special point of the 20th century total-state communist and fascist societies (and by implication the militarist-collectivist Allied states who used the world wars to build the structure of the globalist New World Order). But it’s the reference to the witchhunting hysteria in 16th and 17th century Europe (and in the American Massachusetts colony) in the late 1600s that is such a perfect fit to what is happening today.

What we’re seeing with the ‘covid’ op and the Great Reset attempt is “The Great Snipe Hunt Followed by the Great Witch Hunt”—manifestly the most dangerous and comprehensive PRC-triggered assault on reason and Inde-pendent consciousness in human history. Comparisons to the devastation and deaths of a WW3 are not exaggerated. One has only to watch this recent suppressed video showing Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, creator of the life-saving Hydroxychloroquine Protocol (85-90% effective to prevent ‘covid’ hospitalization) in conference with Israeli health ministers. Continue reading