Brian’s Column: First Principles’ Initiative, Starter Kit

An outline of key processes and documents of the recently conceived project
By Brian R. Wright

‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving 2017, which I spent quietly in my condo contemplating family and future while writing Christmas cards and listening to holiday music. I awoke to a dream that went as follows:

“I’m a young civil engineer being courted by a respectable firm centered in Oklahoma which is a master of water drainage. In my dream, among a surround-ing group of my would-be coworkers, I hold forth for the First Principles’ Initiative (FPI) forcefully. I’m surrounded and I explain it to this monster-big-and-tall man with a beard, who seems to be at a loss. But many are convinced. I see a controlled demolition first hand and I’m maybe 50 yards away from it on the top floor of a parking garage. I’m learning, asking questions, at the same time taking charge. People are hungry for change and a vision, and I provide it to them.”

Later on the Friday, as I was penning out my well wishes and reports of my own plans on my Christmas cards, after the brief greeting I started to write rather dramatically. “I’m going to launch my First Principles’ Initiative in January.” It was only that morning that I had come up with the word ‘initiative’ to describe the project. Then I included along with my Christmas card a copy of my “Restoring America’s First Principles” brochure.

It dawned on me that I had just made a huge commitment to what my primary purpose is going to be, potentially, for the next several years. And I felt hugely invigorated—just as I had from my three dreams of the near past—now for having found what I’ll be imagining and creating 24/7/365 as the life form Brian R. Wright. Nothing can stop us now.

A Simple Plan

First the narrative of what I have in mind in free flow form:


The Big Picture I started with a column here. You can see that the ultimate objective is to create a world of Independents, meaning human beings of independent consciousness. Ref. my novel, The Truman Prophecy. For once we decollectivize the human mind the road is open and the wind is at our backs, it will be easy to create a benign, intelligent world of freedom and abundance. The FPI is the name I’ve given to both phases of the project.


The first phase of the project is penetrating existing legislative individuals—starting with local councils and state legislative bodies—with a Trojan Horse containing skilled advocacy and materials for America’s First Principles. This Trojan Horse and its contents will also be referred to as the First Principles’ Initiative… or the outbound observable, political project. We can distinguish in the acronym with FPI = entire project; FPI-outbound or FPI(o) = the first phase, which will be ongoing throughout the country.

The starting point for FPI(o) is constructing the Trojan Horse, first its exterior appearance, which must appear nonthreatening and giftworthy to the legislative person/body to which it is delivered. The Trojan Horse exterior is simply to convince the council to declare August 2nd of every year American First Principles Memorial Day. This is the day when those esteemed representatives who went to Philadelphia in 1776 to decide upon independence actually laid their lives on the line by signing the document that declared it.

Moreover, the Declaration asserted the First Principles on which our country would be founded, unique in human history, still: the inviolate supremacy of individual rights, ours by nature—or if you prefer, nature’s God—that no other man or group of men may roll over:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Column in progress throughout early December 2017.

From a Letter to Local Activists David Lonier and Peter Konetchy

Very thoughtful and constructive, David. I definitely agree these two links– and point to valid structural solutions, my concern is the general one I’ve seen time and time again: they do not reach out to the ‘common shmoe’ who is innocent of any of the ideological underpinnings of which you speak. I have made the same mistake myself–over and over–outlining a vision of a perfect, or at least better, world that has a logic to it. And a few within the liberty and reason community may ‘get’ it, but it will never translate into the mass transformation that is required to undo the devil of the day.

Now, Pete Hendrickson, I believe IS on the threshold of a breakthru in the understanding and common man application of the ‘income’ tax. Through Pete’s just solid research and obviously passionate commitment, nearly 300,000 educated filings have been made recovering/retaining one’s property from the federales (since 2003)–and closing in on $3 billion of total saved wealth from the maw of the state. So the dollars and cents do make a followership of substance, and I do believe there will be a breakthru into mass consciousness shortly despite lacking the mass appeal factor.

Realistically, backing the Hendrickson Discovery and popularizing it is, to my mind, THE best tool yet to end Leviathan, after which the common man can twiddle with the machinery to fine tune it. I look at my First Principles’ Initiative as a complement to the Hendrickson Discovery and educated filing. Why? Because it is simple stuff that can easily be communicated to everyone with whom one is in daily contact–which, by the way, is a serious handicap to the spread of Pete’s movement, VERY FEW of one’s casual contacts have the capacity or will to understand what you’re proposing, plus they are simply not going to take the time.

The same problem afflicts any attempt to resurrect grand juries, which also end Leviathan and its criminal behavior directly. People in casual contact with you just don’t ‘get it,’ nor will they take the time to ponder its benefits. My method is to piggyback on the back of the Americanism concept, starting with a Trojan Horse aimed at public officials, accompanied by very simple marketing tools written as primers, with slogans, memes, etc. explaining “what it is that makes all of us Americans, and why it is important to commemorate and restore that.” The commemoration and celebration comes first. August 2d, “American First Principles Day.”

Etc., I’m working out the process here:
All our peers want to think of themselves as pro-American. They IMMEDIATELY think they know what Americanism is, and are with you all the way. First Principles? Different story. But virtually everyone knows what the Declaration of Independence is, and will be familiar with the first few phrases in the sacred founding paragraph… “… We hold these truths… ” and they will respond positively. You make a 10-second sales pitch, hand them a piece of intro lit–I’m thinking of a very simple one-folded light-stock business card size (will have four writing/image surfaces) talking only about why to make August 2d the day.

In fact, you may have several styles. One of which may simply say, The August 2d Movement, with images of signers of the Declaration, some links, one basic argument: The majority cannot violate inherent rights of any individual. [Every man a king, as Michael Badnarik’s book puts it.] Yet to be written, but I can see it in my mind. We would also have buttons, caps, stickers, etc., ditties, songs. Also with a note to hand this to their legislators, we want to recognize this from the grassroots up as a National Holiday.

[Direct approach to legislators and public officials will have slightly more elaborate materials. Still highly focused.]

Important, you want to turn some of your casual contacts into salesmen or funders; virtually all of them you hand the thin-stock folded card will have a VERY favorable impression of you. Because you are going to also express your passion for justice and how to turn around our great country by putting the people themselves back in charge of government, and rooting out corrupt and criminal officials. Depending on one’s level of understanding, one can get into the people’s independent grand jury concept. We will be imaginative, like make it very easy for whoever you hand the card to go online and send a VERY NOTICEABLE postcard to a legislator… or anyone else. The site will have a menu and a price list.

[By the way, if I didn’t mention it, August 2d is the day the Continental Congress actually SIGNED the Declaration of Independence. This is a good date to popularize, because a lot of research has been done and much written about 8/2/1776]

The Trojan Horse is thus the creation of the National Holiday.

Then let me produce graphically the main elements of the process and data flow. The following figure shows key elements or tasks of the FPI



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