Special Column: Whither Lady Liberty…

If thou knoweth or careth not, then the Tyranny Bell certainly tolleth for thee
By Brian R. Wright

Only today’s corrupted main media will make no sound of our modern liberty’s leading lady, Doreen Hendrickson’s forced whereabouts. [Image right from “Liberty Leading the People,” Eugene Delacroix, 1830.]

Yesterday was the celebration of Thanks-giving. Americans of all stripes and sizes sat before dinner tables enjoying family, and in front of televisions taking in untold ads for junk food and expensive toys, while rooting for the so-called home team. During the red-white-and-blue, 21-jet-salute half-time cere-monies, did you see a single candle held aloft for any of the millions of victims of the American criminal injustice system… much more a float memorializing that system’s all time most-cruel, most-unconstitutional, and most-heinous violations?

On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, barring a ‘reprieve from the governor’—that is, a successful motion to postpone her surrender until January 28, 2018 (in order for her to be present for a ruling on a pending motion to vacate the remaining sentence)—Mrs. Hendrickson will self-surrender at the Alderson, West Virginia, federal prison (for NOT lying) to spend the four final months of her 20-month sentence for criminal contempt of court. We must support our Lady Liberty, and the righteous cause she leads, now more than ever.

Good news! Motion to postpone surrender granted. She’s ‘free’ thru 1/28/18 at least.[1]

Still the remainder of this column applies…

You see, Doreen Hendrickson IS America’s Lady Liberty du jour. Not only did she refuse to take the back seat of a bus, she stood up to the Imperial Potentates who claimed to own her and the rest of us, and refused to officially lie to them that she is, indeed, their slave. Her quiet, noble act is the spark of the Second American R/Evolution. And the emperors being naked, there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop us.


You say, “How is it that in a free country anyone is sentenced to two years in jail for, basically, pissing off a judge?” I say, “No s***, Sherlock.” The back story goes like this: Doreen is married to and has had two wonderful, now-grown children with Peter Hendrick-son, author of the landmark 2003 book Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America (now in its 15th printing). Pete tells his story of scouring the IRS code, when it first became accessible via computer, to discover how key terms are defined. Chief discovery: income does not mean and has never meant ‘everything that comes in.’ Rather, the term pertains solely to earnings due to exercise of a federal privilege: federal office holding, federal corporation employment, federal dividends or stipends, etc. The income tax is an excise tax on federal privilege, NOT a direct tax on earnings by right.

The 10 self-evident truths derived from understanding the federal tax code

Let me refer you to the appropriate heading in my column entitled “10 Easy Pieces Times 7,” which provides 10 undisputed facts that establish “the fascinating” (and convenient) truth that the federal income tax is a benign tax that falls on federally privileged ones and applies to very few working Americans. With little trouble, these Americans file ‘educated,’ meaning we use a few simple forms and our 1040 to rebut any information forms that erroneously report income… thus recovering or retaining our rightfully owned property. Pete’s book provides the history and rationale of the code, and his site losthorizons.com painstakingly lays out more details, as well as sharing hundreds of ‘victories’ for the rule of law as increasing numbers of liberty loving people exercise their First Principle rights.

The upshot of ‘the Hendrickson Discovery

Since Cracking the Code was first published in 2003, conservatively, more than 200,000 educated filers have recovered/retained an aggregate of more than $2 billion in property. That’s some a’spicy meatball. While this number is less than a thousandth of what the US Leviathan gorges itself on every year, it’s enough to get the beast’s attention. Even though IRS workers dutifully follow the law and process the refunds, top officials don’t WANT anyone to follow the law, they want people to REMAIN IGNORANT of the law, continuing to misconstrue their earnings-by-right as income, thus stoking the insatiable appetite of ginormous gangsta government… and enabling its multiple crimes against humanity world-wide.

To those who claim CtC is a sham, just think about it for a microsecond: 


Thus recognizing that general abandonment of the Ignorance Tax would put the feds on a healthful diet, treasury officials made a serious effort to learn the Hendrickson Discovery, then organized free public seminars around the country to help those to whom the income tax does not apply retain or recover their hard-earned wealth. 🙂 And pigs flew out of their butts.

On the contrary: They crawled all over the Hendricksons and Pete’s publications like ugly on an ape. Unsuccessfully. Finally, under <whose?> orders, the DOJ came after Pete, then Doreen, personally. Both bogus and vicious and having nothing to do with the truth of the Hendrickson Discovery. Clearly, the intent of the government’s actions is to scare people away from learning or asserting the truth.

But educated filings continue to climb. “You can’t kill a [true] idea.” — V.

Back to Doreen’s situation

So now, yes, for the time being, Doreen will be back on her way back to Alderson, unless reason prevails. I have several thoughts to share in this context, none I have time to elaborate upon at this time, though perhaps in an imminent update to this column:

    1. We need to show solidarity in the CtC community and support the DoreenRelief gofundme I have created for the Hendricksons during this hour of special need. Okay, per the note below, Doreen is not headed back until January 29 at the earliest, but all funds go to the Hendricksons for expenses and all the other work Pete does to lead us to liberty. They are not absconding to Tahiti. 🙂
    2. Successful CtC filers need further to ‘tithe’ any recoveries to Pete via his LostHorizons address to help build a war chest to prevent (and to hold public officials accountable for) such travesties of justice.
    3. Recently it’s occurred to me—especially with the widespread recent IRS practice of mailing 3176C letters asserting a frivolous return penalty (FRP) on CtC filers—that filing educated is now the vanguard of the liberty movement in general: effectively we lead a powerful boycott of Government Gone Rogue.[2]
    4. Doreen is our Lady Liberty. This movement to be effective needs youth and energy, not just articles, but songs and slogans. We are at the genesis of a cause that is destined to win big, but as early adopters we must encourage new and younger free spirits to seize this day and cast it in their own light.

I shall keep everyone apprised as best I can in the upcoming holiday season of just what is happening on all fronts. We must keep applying the pressure and standing up for the rule of law. Courage is not only required, it is the contagious key to success.


[1] Husband Pete informs me: “Doreen is now to be home until January 29, to allow her to participate in the hearing that should end up being scheduled that month on the motion [to vacate the remaining part of the sentence]. (If it prevails, of course, then she stays home and we drink champagne for a few days….)”

[2] I will expand on this point in a subsequent column. Cracking the Code and educated filing, the Hendrickson Discovery, are THE key to a future of liberty. For one succinct reason: we deny Leviathan its blood supply… without which, no high-crime assaults, no illegal wars, torture, atrocities against humanity; the whole enchilada goes belly up in a New York minute… along with all the subordinate charlatans and opportunists on human evil.

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