Guest Column: No One is Going to Do It For You

The reason you have to get moving
By Anna Von Reitz [full original column here]

In recent days I have encountered somnolent people asking me, “But why do we need to do anything? Won’t the government just take care of all this?”

Here is the quick and easy answer: if you act and think like herd animals, you will be treated like herd animals.

I trust that everyone can observe what happens to herd animals.

Herd animals are disciplined to follow certain patterns and rules. They can go into this pasture, but not that field. They are aroused at a certain hour every morning to be fed, watered, and milked. They are rounded up at a certain hour every evening and returned to the barn.

They receive a modicum of care. Their stalls are mucked out. They are fed. They are guarded and herded by dogs and their food is guarded by cats — our friendly four-legged capos in the agricultural domain.

Herd animals are kept to produce goods. Those goods are primarily fabrics, skins, milk, meat, fertilizer, and more herd animals.

Now apply this to yourselves as herd animals and the “government” currently running the “farm” and you will notice the striking similarities.

Think — when the alarm bell rings every morning and everyone gets up like an automaton and turns on the coffee-maker and then heads to the garage to go to work. How is that any different than a cow waking up at four A.M. to be milked?

Think — when you see a police cruiser and you automatically check your speed and direction and all the other cars on the street. How is that any different than a Border Collie herding a group of sheep?

Think — when you do your drill everyday, what do you produce? Some product or service, right? But also, you produce sales and taxes. And you produce children to replace you and serve in the military which keeps this whole system in place.

Think — when you clock out at five P.M. or whenever each night and join the vast Rush Hour, realize that all these other people are being herded and controlled and harvested in one way or another just like you.

You are being treated like a herd animal. You are being controlled like a herd animal. You are being “cared for” in the same way and for the same reasons as a herd animal. It is inevitable in such a scenario that you will be “harvested” like a herd animal.

And you are allowing this. You are contributing to the denigration of mankind by going along with this and making no effort to exercise your brain and take charge of your affairs and your own government and your own life.

In this country, people are supposed to be “self-governing”. That means that you don’t hand over your rights and responsibilities to some proxy in a legislature or sitting on a board or commission or city council or congress. It means that you get up on your hind-feet and speak for yourself and take charge of your own assets and do the work of “self-governing”.

To do that, you have to realize who and what you are.

You are the owner of the farm.

It’s your responsibility to correct the public records and assert your actual political status. It’s up to you to realize that you have been inappropriately and deliberately mis-characterized as a “federal citizen” obligated to serve the “federal government” which is nothing more than a giant governmental services corporation. You have to realize that the vast majority of Americans aren’t “citizens” at all.

You have to stop calling yourself “citizens” and “residents” and “humans” and “persons”— which just gives these con artists an excuse to continue treating you like animals. “Citizen” equals “slave to the government”.

Is that you intention? Is that what you accept as your status?

It’s up to you to repudiate any claim that you are a “resident” in your own country and to take back title to your own land and home and estate. Even your Trade Name has been stolen and “administered” by these vermin—-and they have done it all while on your payroll.

Put a stop to it and do it now, while you still have the chance.

We have ten months to overcome all this balderdash and restore the actual, factual American Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The clock is ticking. We have to organize 3100 counties and fifty land jurisdiction states.

Americans — not “US citizens” — are you up to it?

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