Guest Column: No One is Going to Do It For You

The reason you have to get moving
By Anna Von Reitz [full original column here]

In recent days I have encountered somnolent people asking me, “But why do we need to do anything? Won’t the government just take care of all this?”

Here is the quick and easy answer: if you act and think like herd animals, you will be treated like herd animals.

I trust that everyone can observe what happens to herd animals.

Herd animals are disciplined to follow certain patterns and rules. They can go into this pasture, but not that field. They are aroused at a certain hour every morning to be fed, watered, and milked. They are rounded up at a certain hour every evening and returned to the barn.

They receive a modicum of care. Their stalls are mucked out. They are fed. They are guarded and herded by dogs and their food is guarded by cats — our friendly four-legged capos in the agricultural domain.

Herd animals are kept to produce goods. Those goods are primarily fabrics, skins, milk, meat, fertilizer, and more herd animals.

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