Donut Whole: Two Would-Be Supremes, Either a Disaster for Liberty

Scuttle Raymond Kethledge as Job One, Kavanaugh is Bad, Too
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Scuttling Raymond Kethledge Is JOB ONE For This Rule-Of-Law Community (Updated)
It’s “Get Busy– RIGHT NOW– Like You Really Mean To Win” time, people…

LAST TUESDAY I ADDED A SPECIAL POST to the Mid-Edition Update which had been posted the day before. The post was prompted by Donald Trump’s release of his “short list” of candidates to replace Anthony Kennedy of the Supreme Court, among which was Raymond Kethledge, a Sixth Circuit judge responsible for the outrageous, Constitution-defying ruling in Doreen’s appeal issued in 2016.

You can and should see that article here. What it presents remains the first order of business for this community, in my view, and I think if you read that post through you will both understand why I say this, and will agree with me about the critical importance of the effort in which I am asking everyone to participate.

The only thing I will add to that post here is a recommendation of a careful re-reading of the article below, with which the June 25, 2018 newsletter began. The proposed elevation of Kethledge– even if he ultimately is not the actual nominee– is as perfect an example of the point I am making in this previous post as there ever could be.

BTW: This campaign remains as vital into the next several weeks or months even if Trump puts someone else forward as his first choice when he makes that announcement. The chosen candidate may be rejected, and Kethledge might then come up for the slot.

UPDATE, TUESDAY, JULY 10: As it happens, Trump’s first choice has proven to be Brett Kavanaugh. This changes nothing about the Kethledge issue.

Kavanaugh is a fellow with serious and well-documented corruption-baggage of his own, having been a key operative in the cover-up of the Vince Foster murder in which Hillary Clinton (and others) are implicated. Foster was a Clinton aide with very damaging personal knowledge concerning the “Travelgate” scandal that erupted in the early years of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

A fairly informative recent article on this crime can be found here. See more here, including a court-ordered appendix to the official report on Foster’s death containing some (but not all) of the contrary evidence the official investigators (i.e., Kavanaugh) sought to bury.

It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.

-Thomas Paine

Kavanaugh has further distinguished himself by authoring a paper making a version of the desperately corrupt Nixonian, “If the president does it, it must be legal” argument that sitting presidents can’t properly be subjected to lawsuits or made the subject of investigations. (Bill Clinton must have very much enjoyed reading that, and probably regrets not having had Kavanaugh on the Court in his own time…)

Kavanaugh has also made a series of dangerously-flawed rulings. Among these is a ruling that includes upholding military tribunal “judicial” pretenses (that is, the pushing aside of the Constitution when it gets in the way of state preferences and trying an accused without full due process protections).

In another bad ruling, Kavanaugh refused lawsuit standing to a victim of kidnap and torture by United States operatives on the unconstitutional grounds that since the crimes were committed outside the geographic United States, the officials were not bound by the law, even though paid, equipped, directed and protected by the federal government.

Kavanaugh has also demonstrated a corrupt complacency about mass, warrantless surveillance and a completely mistaken, unlimited-state-favoring notion of the meaning of “reasonable” and “unreasonable” in the context of the Fourth Amendment. On the other hand Kavanaugh appears to be OK with the government keeping secrets from the people, and without defensible grounds– in this case backing the continued CIA withholding of documents related to the assassination of JFK 55 years ago.

Finally, Kavanaugh’s nomination is rumored to be opposed by Senator Rand Paul, a fellow capable of articulating reasons for that opposition that could be very persuasive to other Senators.

ALL-IN-ALL, the nomination of Kavanaugh mars Trump’s credentials (and those of the ‘Federalist Society’ by whom all these judicial nominees are supposedly vetted) just as much as having Kethledge on the “short list”. And his nomination lends itself as an example suited to my ‘Broken America…’ piece below in the same way that Kethledge’s consideration does.

But that nomination changes nothing about the need to inform America about Kethledge’s crimes, in light of the fragility of Kavanaugh’s candidacy.

Stay the course.

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