Brian’s Column: Whither ‘Zombie Nation’

What good is freedom if mainstream-minions fear their shadows and stay home?
By Brian R. Wright

[“By the way, consider this a phase III in my musings: I’ll keep them shorter and, I hope, less, well, the word “vituperative” comes to mind—I prefer “passion-ately immature.” Today I cringe at some of the verbal excess of earlier writings, way too far in my head and way weakminded for that. Hey, it was what it was. I can only do what I come to be aware of… to continue.”]

This thought came to me early in the week, after a Father’s Day with a new golf entourage Sunday Skins group. Then later in the previous week when my live fantasy football league and, then, members of a golf outing I’m organizing seemed to curb their enthusiasms for taking part. I’ve decided to do an actual dine-in with my favorite local independent business, Moe’s, who’s been hit hard by the ‘covid’ op:

Mrs. Moe (Debbie) had mentioned that six restaurants were closing their doors in Novi-Farmington on account of the CovOp. “Yup, last week we were allowed to open for dine in, and we went from 10% of our former business to 15%, that’s all.” Today we chat a bit longer, seems like a decent number of tables, maybe four or five, filled. Debbie says she and Moe agree with me 1000%, but it’s the public image they need to adopt.

Suddenly it hits me. Hand slaps forehead. Knowing what I know of the mainstream lies regarding ‘covid’ and ‘GFloyd’ and the rest, and traveling in the fact-based alternative circles I do, it’s simply not occurred to me that LARGE NUMBERS OF THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THE COMPLETE, UNMITIGATED BULLSHIT PUT OUT BY GOVERNMENT AND ITS MAINSTREAM MEDIA… Even after months of officially obvious ‘covid’ whoppers to the casual observer. This goes for probably half… of Moe’s customer base, my fantasy football colleagues, and golf-outing gatherers, too.

Same deal for the official story of  911, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the USS Liberty attacks, Israeli humanitarianism, WWI, WWII, that the US government stands for justice and liberty worldwide, Social Security, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. What’s a mother to do?

Neil Postman in his revelatory Amusing Ourselves to Death writes of how it may be too late to rescue the conceptual typographical mode of awareness of our Founders from Televsion Age commerce in perceptions and illusions. His suggestion of a solution is to at least require a disclaimer on political ads: “…to the effect that common sense has determined that watching political commercials is hazardous to the intellectual health of the community.”

Hardly enough, is it? My thoughts run toward having hundreds of street academies on how to deprogram one’s unconsciously acquired perceptual-emotional mode (PCM)—aka see-hear-feel (SHF)—”herd mentality,” by demonstrating the political problems, as well as personal problems, arising from such a collective-brain syndrome. The obstacle here, of course, is how does a sufferer of CBS become aware of the fact that a) he’s being led around by the nose, and b) come to the conclusion that his life would be so much better without the collar.

On the ground level, I’ve created the FLOW Fellowship (, a spiritual gathering and practice in its early stages with three pillars of spiritual cultivation, independent consciousness, and (American, so far) First Principles. It appears the second pillar, independent consciousness, is what needs to be brought to the CBS sufferers in a practical manner post haste. Much to do and quickly.

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