Brian’s Column: Rudy List, RIP (7/9/1942-11/5/2020)

A brilliant friend and candle of deep moral, intellectual courage flames out
By Brian R. Wright

In the early days of my making friends in the Detroit-area 9/11 truth movement, I remember Rudy List distinctly. We were at the home of Stan Beattie in Farmington Hills. Others present were Dick Kennedy and a fellow from Port Huron. [The sad fact is that an active and effective local chapter of 911 truthers never materialized in SE Michigan, even with the advent of successful entrepreneurial family man, David Hooper, with his wonderful movie, Anatomy of a Great Deception I and II.] The picture is taken at the gala premier of AGD 1 at the Detroit Fillmore Theater, downtown; Rudy is front, left.

Even at that initial meet gathering in Farm Hills, Rudy expressed his strong views contra Israel and “Jewish Power” for particularly being at the root of the 9/11 plot, attacks, and coverup.[1]


Rudy was born in Bay City. His father, Ed, worked in a factory there. His mother kept house and was a hairdresser. He had two brothers, Paul and Tom. Rudy attended the University of Michigan where he graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He then moved to England and entered the University of Birmingham and achieved a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science. He traveled widely teaching both subjects.

He was founder with three other individuals of Lockwood Corporation and wrote some of the first widely used investment programs for clients like Goldman Sachs in the 1980s. Friends state that Rudy had expert knowledge of core Microsoft source code, and discovered bugs in the operating system(s) that self-created viruses and provided substantial sources of revenue for Microsoft to fix. He submitted his notes to lead development officials at Microsoft, which were ignored.

Rudy had five children from three marriages. His surviving wife, is Hody, whom he met thru her brother in England in 1980.

911 Truth and Exposing Jewish Power

From the first 9/11 Truth gathering, it was clear a) Rudy was smarter than the average bear… and more widely read[2] and b) his knowledge of how Israel’s foot and finger prints were all over the 9/11 incident was in depth and extraordinary. Largely as a consequence of knowing and talking with Rudy, I started reading and viewing about Zionism and Jewism,[3] chiefly the following works:

Author                                Book or Article

  • Alison Weir                   *Against Our Better Judgment
  • Gilad Atzmon                *The Wandering Who?
  • Gilad Atzmon                 Being in Time
  • Laurent Guyenot            From Yahweh to Zion
  • Laurent Guyenot           “Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?” (
  • Laurent Guyenot           “The Broken JFK Jr. Legacy” (Did Israel kill JFK, Jr.?)
  • Clint Burnette                 Screenplay: Enemies Within
  • Several                         * Books re: Israel attack on the USS Liberty and coverup
  • Henry Ford                    The International Jew [not available Amazon (NAA)]
  • Adolph Hitler                   Mein Kampf (I don’t think Amazon carries anymore)
  • MS King                         *The Bad War (NAA)\
  • James Bacque               *Other Losses (Eisenhower’s death camps for Germans)
  • Christopher Bollyn         *Solving 911 (Israel as prime mover)
  • Christopher Bollyn         *The War on Terror (Israel as prime mover)
  • Peter Winter                   The Six Million (regarding the Holocaust religion, NAA)
  • Nicholas Kollerstrom       Breaking the Spell: Holocaust Myth and Reality (NAA)

An asterisk (*) indicates that I’ve done a review of the work here on the Website, so just please just use the search function to locate it. Currently, I have taken a Thrive and FLOW movement approach to my philosophy as outlined on this page: The Thrive movement has performed an invaluable service to humanity by describing the global domination agenda (GDA)… as the reason why the vast majority of people in the world fail to thrive. Thrive is not specific as to WHO, specifically, runs the GDA, besides mentioning the central bank cabal as its source.

I’ve come to see that a major player, if not THE major cause of the antihuman GDA, is exactly what is described in the above literature as Jewish Power. I’ve been wrestling with some better terminology, and my preferred term for the miscreants is Jewish Collective (JewCo), what Henry Ford named The International Jew in his remarkable 1920s collection of the same name. Rudy was not only a reminder of the JewCo’s causation of many of the world’s deeper political and social problems, he also championed those who spoke out for truth about Jewish Power and both World Wars and Germany and who have been imprisoned for so-called ‘hate crimes.'[4]

A good friend of ours, Henry Herskovitz, of Ann Arbor organized an ongoing protest against the Beth Israel synagogue for its support of the racist and separatist policies of a foreign country, Israel. That was 16 going on 17 years ago now. Henry broke off with what had become a collectivist Israeli front group organization—sporting a large Israeli flag on the mantel in front of the congregation with the American flag (indicating dual loyalty)—after Henry’s trip to Palestine in the early 2000s. Several members of the organization joined him in the vigil. Including Rudy, rain or shine. I wrote these vigils up elsewhere a couple of times. And here’s my favorite picture of a man in full relishing his public service for all the good people of America, Palestine, and the world at large.

We need all to be so dedicated to truth, justice, and liberty. And I resolve hereby to make the truth clear and emphatic against the mass-marauding JewCo from this day forward. I expect a number of Jews and former Jews, like Henry, to join in the mission. Thank you, Rudy… Henry, Chris, Gloria, Marc, Tom, Donald, and all the rest for stimulating the courage of all our all-American convictions.

[1] There are basically two approaches to 9/11 truth: 1) to show or prove that the official story falls from its many contradictions—exemplified by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( that is, they only show who DIDN’T DO it rather than point at WHO DID, preferring to leave that to the legal system to bring indictments and prosecution; and, 2) to show or prove that a specific group did the deed—some researchers hold that it was an ‘inside job’ of Bush ‘n’ friends, but most lean toward the explicitly documented deep neocon-Zionist-Israel (ziocon) axis as culprits. Christopher Bollyn’s two major books, Solving 911 and The War on Terror, as well as writings by Laurent Guyenot under auspices of the site, are convincing.

[2] Rudy is the only person I know, aside from the gentleman who introduced the book to me who actually read Julian Jaynes’ revolutionary work, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind… and understood it. [The book is actually quite relevant to work I’m doing in Thrive and FLOW, which started with an idea I stumbled upon called collective-brain syndrome (CBS). Which has led to a white paper primer document I’m calling my Decollaring Guide… essential knowledge if humankind is to reach full (unicameral or individual) consciousness and not fall periodically into vestiges of bicameralism or the ravages of collective-consciousness psychosis.]

[3] Jewism is a term I’ve been going with that encompasses the peculiar incarnation of a collective-brain separatist, antihumanist, supremacist network of theocratic extremists who created the notion of a Jewish State, then deliberately imposed that state on a native civilization, jailing, killing, and/or displacing nearly a million Palestinians and continuing to commit myriad crimes against humanity—mostly with impunity thanks to control of all but a handful of mainstream and social media outlets. One can use Jewish Extremist as a synonym for Jewist. Gilad Atzmon in The Wandering Who? (review here) uses three categories for identification of Jews—Category 3 is what I’m calling a Jewist.

[4] Here is a listing provided by Chris Mark showing the books that Rudy was instrumental in having Chris read:

  • Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’. Ernst Gauss
  • Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology. Mark H. Gaffney
  • Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany. Eckart Verlag
  • All of David Ray Griffin’s 9/11 books
  • Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Jim Fetzer
  • The Palestine Problem in International Law and World Order. Mallison
  • Hitler’s War David Irving
  • Goebbels Mastermind of the Third Reich David Irving
  • Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel Max Blumenthal
  • For Fear of the Jews John 20:19. Stan Rittenhouse

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