Stonebeam 28. Open Letter inside an Open Letter

To My Public Servants By Way of My (Now Former) Medical Providers
Story Shot 28, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 13 July 2021

This is an important message that I need to share with all my readers, whom I hope will share with their contacts and readers. The hope I have is that you will use it as a template for contacting both your public officials and your medical personnel to stop the ‘covid’ ‘vax’ocide immediately. No more delays, we are in the midst of a government mass-slaughter program… worldwide. Doctors need to step up, public officials need to step up, the people need to stand up and raise holy hell for what’s right.

Or most assuredly those responsible will be convicted in a proper court of the people for being willing participants in one of the most heinous crimes against humanity in history.


Dear Public Official,

I’m writing to you and to my fellow citizens to hopefully arrest a terminal threat to ‘our kind.’ It’s fairly self-explanatory what I have to say, and it’s in the form of an open letter to my (now former) primary care doctor and her corporate coalition, one of many.

I received the email note on July 9th, 2021, regarding Pfizer ‘vax’ pushing.

To which I replied same day (the open letter inside the open letter):

Dear Medical Official,

Why are you pushing this experimental emergency injection? Especially, when the VAERS is showing massive deaths and injuries:These are government numbers and they extrapolate to the ‘covid’ injections causing THREE TIMES THE DEATHS of ALL the vaccine deaths in history. And that doesn’t even cover the injuries, many of which are imminently life-ending. Roughly half of these deaths and injuries are from Pfizer’s injections.

Here are the most recent numbers:
Jesus, we have to end these poisonings, not inject them into people.

Didn’t you all take an oath or something to “first do no harm?!”

In fact I’ve been trying to get a conversation going with <my doctor>, and she seems to be ignoring my messages. I’d like to try a prescription of ivermectin. Here’s the latest uncensored scoop on a real spike protein-poisoning arrester:

And the fact is that leading researchers in the medical and scholarly community are showing that both the ‘covid’ disease and the ‘covid’ ‘vaccines’ are ‘spike’ protein poison generators… the latter in spades.

But you guys, doctors no less, seem to bury your heads in the sand and not even look at the real evidence for anything. Do me a favor and just look at the first graphic of the VAERS data through 5/28. Just stare at it until it registers in your corporate profit agenda. How can you with a clear conscience jab a pack of compliant collective-brain syndrome sufferers with what even the FDA has not approved.

Fortunately, there appear to be inexpensive natural cures for the ‘vax’ocide:

One recent candidate:

By the way, the zero-liability shots would be ILLEGAL if ivermectin and other treatments are effective… AND THEY ARE. Look at Frontline Doctors of America, for chrissakes. The Great Barrington Declaration has more than 40,000 doctors who argue against the mass ‘vax’ program. You guys are stick in the muds to be pushing the Russian Roulette jabs with live rounds.

Why has <NoName>Care so apparently enthusiastically succumbed to being weaponized against its clients? Do you, personally, want to kill and maim them? Also by the way, ‘covid’ cases and deaths per the meaningless PCR-RT tests have increased following your mass ‘vax’ campaigns in every country (except the countries that have discouraged or banned glyphosate):

Just hoping you have a reasonable doctor who cares about his or her patients enough to talk to me and prescribe some ivermectin. Otherwise, I’ll be getting the word out that PrimeCare has gone bad in Hippocratic terms. Have a wonderful day, and please share with <my doctor>. I’m still open to civil and rational conversation, and, failing that, we will have to go our separate ways.

Here’s a BIG kicker: Peter McCullough has received data from whistleblowers inside the CDC that deaths from the ‘covid’ ‘vaccines’ are now on the order of 50,000!

Regards to medical official,
Brian R. Wright

Resuming note to public official

You must exercise the powers of your office to stop the ‘vax’ocide of these injections NOW. Please become informed by reading the above links from qualified medical and academic experts. Our freedom is precious, so are our lives. You are in office to secure the former and to not tread on the latter.

When it comes time to answer for your choices before God and/or the law, remember that ignorance of First Principles is no excuse.

Brian R. Wright

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