Brian’s Column: The Truth Torpedo

Blowing away the Barrier Cloud
by Brian Wright

PhotonHow many of my baby boomer generation remember sitting around the college dorms (on Friday night, no less) watching Star Trek? Whenever the Enterprise found itself in a major battle and the phaser banks neared depletion, Captain Kirk would tell Chekov to fire the heavy artillery, the ultimate weapon: the Photon Torpedo. Then, FWAP! The heavens instantly flashed white, and Bah Bah to the Klingons or Romulans or whatever fleet of Galactic Pond Scum felt it could mess with our high-flying Federation-istas.

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I see the above analogy partly applying to our current political-philosophical situation on real planet Earth. As I write in the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP), the human species is moving inexorably along the Nonaggression Vector toward the next stage of consciousness—reflected politically in the New Paradigm: a free, healthful, and abundant society. But a major Barnacle on the Ass of Progress—what I call the Barrier Cloud—remains, stubbornly blocking our path to flourishment. [The Barrier Cloud (according to my SNaP ‘Whither Aggression?’ Theory) is caused externally by the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) and internally by a persistent primitive brain structure.]

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Little Boy Truths (LBTs)[1]

We now have it within our power to blast thru and end the Barrier Cloud: The SNaP (~ the Freedom Philosophy), lived from the grass roots, is the practical antidote to the patriarchy of the MOPS. A corollary of the SNaP is Truth, that is, foundational truths embraced and asserted by millions. Because these truths are so obvious to normal people I regard them as the little boy, in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, seeing and asserting that the king is naked.

My Little Boy Truths today are seven, pertaining to:

  1. The 9/11 Attacks
  2. Obama’s Qualifications for President
  3. Global Warming
  4. Chemtrails
  5. ‘Cabalization’
  6. GOTUS Crimes against Humanity
  7. GOTUS Taxes

Except as you become as a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. — Jesus

Please, whether or not you are inclined to agree with my arguments, access the referenced literature. Do not reject evidence for apriori reasons—e.g. “the US government would never do that” or “if no evidence exists for A causing X, what else could cause X?”—and focus purely on the empirical facts. Also note that if a theory consists of a set of interconnected causal chains, the disproof of only one cause disproves the entire theory. For example, if no evidence exists—no evidence[2] does exist—that a Boeing 757 struck the Pentagon, the official conspiracy theory of 911 (OCT911) stands disproved.

1: OCT911: Blatantly False and Fraudulent (P:100%)

OCT911The official conspiracy theory of the 9/11 attacks holds that 19 radical Arab Muslims, taking orders from a CIA resource undergoing dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan, commandeered four aircraft and, overcoming the most advanced military defenses in history, flew them into the World Trade Center (WTC), the Pentagon, and, by diversion, a Pennsylvania field—thus causing the destruction of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 (WTC7 not being struck by an airplane). Ignoring the LBT that at least nine of the alleged hijackers were alive and well on 9/12/01, terabytes of hard, cold data and analyses completely obliterate OCT911.

Dr. David Ray Griffin has published perhaps the best short refutation of OCT911 here. Since 2006 I’ve written several columns and reviews in the Coffee Coaster. I’m an enthusiastic volunteer, signer, and member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. My clincher for best 911 Truth is a) buildings do not disintegrate symmetrically at free fall speed without the use of explosives and b) the owner of the WTCs, Zionist Superstud Larry Silverstein, is caught on video with his figurative hand on the plunger to demolish WTC7. Another blow against the OCT: massive intentional official destruction of evidence.

LBT1: OCT911 is the Big (Ludicrous) Lie and even Bigger Coverup.

2: Obama: Manchurian[3] President (P: 90%)

ObamaliniIn the early days of Obama’s reign, I dismissed most talk of quo warranto challenge to his constitutional eligibility to be President. I shouldn’t have. The basis for the challenge is twofold:

  1. Is his birth in America (Hawaii) authentic?—Several incongruities exist that shed doubt on whether Obama was born in Hawaii or in the US; the long-form birth certificate created by the State of Hawaii, according to several experts, appears to be forged.
  2. Even if his birth is authentic, is he a ‘natural-born’ citizen?—The Constitution does not define natural-born citizen, and precedent is contradictory. All US presidents have been born of US parents —Obama’s purported father was Kenyan—except Chester Arthur who hid from the public that his father was British.

Fortunately, a first-class objective reference exists on the Web: Obama Presidential Eligibility—An Introductory Primer, by Stephen Tonchen. The concerns of O’s eligibility are legitimate. The straightforward resolution of Item 1 is for Hawaii to produce the actual original birth certificate of Barack Obama to several independent document experts for analysis. As with destruction of evidence in a crime, the failure to produce documentary evidence that does exist logically implicates you of the crime in question. Obama’s background is rife with grooming for office (like the Bushes) by the American intel community. He also, by executive order, sealed all his public records of school, college, selective service reporting, etc.

LBT2: Obama is a fraud and a delusion legally ineligible to be president.

3: Carbon Reality: ‘Global Thumping’ (P: 98%)

Keeling CurveAs much as the next freedom fighter I’d love to believe in Earthly wide-open spaces forever and the Frontier Thesis. But as of this five minutes of geologic time, our livable environment is a closed system. And the effluent of our major source of energy—fossil fuels—is carbon-dioxide (CO2); as in the movie Apollo 13, CO2 has been building up in our earth-capsule’s air supply. (We would get goofy, drowsy, and quit breathing entirely if the level got too high.)

The main concern for imminent decades on Earth is that the lower-than-immediately-lethal concentrations of carbon cause increased atmospheric temperatures and ocean acidification, both of which, in small increments, are anti (human) life. Check out my review of Tom Flannery’s The Weather Makers for the carbon arithmetic. This Wikipedia article explains the big picture basics on carbon. Current rates of fossil fuel CO2 generation will double by 2100, which by conventional Greenhouse-Gas theory yields an increase of 5 to 10 °F in surface temp. Per Ghostbusters, “That would be bad.”

So, 1:CO2^, 2:CO2^=>Temp^, 3:Temp^=>Grandkids choking, seas rising, dogs and cats sleeping together. Skeptics exist, but I have found none who question increased CO2 as a reality or increasing temps as a related reality. (A dwindling few maintain that CO2 does not drive temp.) Many in the freedom movement are reluctant to face Global Thumping because they fear MOPS-led alarmism and its ‘solutions,’ such as ‘Global Culling’… of us. [Others, like the folks who doubt Darwinian Evolution in favor of ‘God did it,’ are simply anti-science and/or anti-reason.]

It must be stated that strong-central government fiat action or global agendas that abolish property rights are anathema to humane ecology; solutions lie in distribution of control among those to whom any given resource naturally connects.

LBT3: Humans, largely via fossil fuels, are fouling their nest.[4]

4: Chemtrails: Real and Alarming (P: 97%)

ChemtrailsAs Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones write in their important column Geoengineering: Our Environment under Attack (November 14, 2011), “The fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs being conducted by U.S. government agencies and universities that have been approved with no oversight whatsoever can no longer be denied.” The chemtrails phenomenon is what is known as an ‘open secret:’ The government and its network of military, intelligence, and academic resources admit the phenomenon every time their atmospheric geoengineering data is discussed in public… which is increasingly often.

Several publications, films, and organizations have brought to light the depth and breadth of the atmospheric geoengineering programs, most of which are intended secret and have an environmental modification purpose. Also refer to the GOTUS HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and other governments’ extremely low frequency (ELF) installations, which can cause—and arguably have caused—major natural disasters (incl. earthquakes, floods, and droughts) by intention. Other central governments also have similar weather-weaponizing “Project X”[5] installations.

Chemtrails is simply one of many cross-purposed secret geoengineering MOPS ‘Wizard of Oz’ programs about which those in authority are clueless and in psychotic denial as to combined toxic effects. Note that a large share of Global Thumping (LBT3) likely stems from these Walter-Mitty-playing-God environmental-modification projects.

LBT4: Are chemtrails real? Go outside, look up, and inhale.

5: Cabalization Disease (P: 100%)

Back in the day when I cleaved unto the Ayn Rand perspective, I saw public affairs as the effect of ideas: Good ideas produce good public affairs… because those in power ultimately change their ways—stop their systematic aggression—when educated popular pressure bears down upon them. According to this view, conspiracies of power operate inside an open society and are mitigated by informed, conscientious public opinion. Over the past several years I’ve come to a more ‘dualistic’ picture: the ultra-powerful exist outside the natural social order and, in fact, consciously shape (much of) public opinion thru control of information and coordinated application of literally $trillions worth of booty conned and extracted—mainly via debt and war—from real people during the past two or three centuries.

Who they are exactly is not so important as that they are. But ‘he who has the gold makes the rules,’ and the ascending gigabucks of our Cabal-with-a-capital-C stop at the pinnacle of the Western financial lootery: the Daddy Warbucks for national central banks, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. And who owns/runs that bank? Never guess: the same banking dynasties represented by serious poobahs in the secret meetings at JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island, Georgia, club that led to creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. If you want to understand a) who the Cabal is and what it does (and has done thru the decades), b) how for 100 years it has walked away with most of the productive class’s hard-earned wealth, and c) the identity of the corporate payers who will be signing our million-dollar reparations checks, you absolutely must read Creature.

LBT5: The Cabal is real and a deadly disease to natural human life.

6: GOTUS is a Monster (P: 100%)

American Torture PervMany Americans are victims of what David Griffin has termed the Blind Nationalist Faith syndrome. Part of that delusion confers the highest virtue on everything the government of the United States (GOTUS) does, especially if it involves police or military action. If this syndrome characterizes your belief—if you LOVE the smell of ‘American soldiers (or contractors or intel operatives) bombing-jailing-raping-torturing-slaughtering random individuals, anywhere’ in the morning—then accept your Joe Paterno trophy and read no further; you will dismiss what I write. But if you are at least ready to consider letting go of the nation-state addiction, ponder this: “bombing, jailing, raping, torturing, and slaughtering innocent people” is official GOTUS policy—as it carries out the global genocidal plans of the Cabal (MOPS Central). I wish I were overstating the case, but I’m not. GOTUS aims not to serve you, but to enslave and/or kill you.

GOTUS is a monster, a rogue beast on a rampage of wholesale destruction. We are in the end game, all the bellwethers are in place: NDAA indefinite detention without trial, presidential extrajudicial killings, FEMA rape-and-torture camps (esp. for patriots), 30,000 attack drones to be deployed in the US, the continuing groping and pornscanning by the TSA (soon to afflict all travel modes), imminent plans for aggressive war on Iran. The list of GOTUS’ crimes against humanity is much longer and more threatening to average Americans than what the English Crown imposed on the colonists prior to Revolution.

I made a list of 24 GOTUS insufferable acts in this February 2012 column. GOTUS is no longer a legit government, we must withdraw sanction and replace it, as Thomas Jefferson advocated. The Cabal has Congress in its pocket. [A prudent first step is Nullification via the Tenth Amendment.]

LBT6: GOTUS is a monster whom we must Nullify, then start fresh.

7: ‘Income’ Tax: Letting it Go (P: 97%)

The forgoing LBT about GOTUS’ constitutional illegitimacy and evil certainly provides moral grounds for ceasing to fund such a beast. But the fact is legally you likely owe it nothing anyway. For reasons I have never fathomed, one of the most absolutely liberating Little Boy Truths—discovered and described in our own back yard by a hardworking, Detroit-area American—has not broken through the Barrier Cloud to capture the popular imagination. This must change:

That LBT is a stone-cold, ironclad proof that the so-called federal income tax applies solely to earnings in the exercise of a federal privilege. Which means unless your earnings are a consequence of employment by the federal government or one of its subordinate corporate creations (like the Tennessee Valley Authority or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) you are technically a ‘nontaxpayer’ relative to the tax. You can look it up… in this bracing exposé by Peter Eric Hendrickson, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America.

For the reasoning, read my review of Pete’s elegant masterpiece here. The truth is amazing, and thousands of individuals are receiving refunds of ‘income’ taxes and Social Security wrongly paid in; in general, IRS officials adhere to the law. Go to for details and to take part in rolling out this profoundly practical American LBT in all our lives.

LBT7: Most who pay federal income tax are nontaxpayers; why pay what you don’t owe?

General Comments

For this column I didn’t want to burden the LBT identities with too much discussion of “So what?” Widespread recognition and public affirmation of the truths will be typically sufficient to resolve any adverse conditions they reveal. As Jesus put it:

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

In some cases, people will argue for a distinct course of action: for example, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth seeks an impartial citizens’ investigation of the 9/11 attacks with subpoena power. Because of the urgency of breaking through the Barrier Cloud, I plan to quickly compose my ‘Truth Torpedo’ into a booklet for publication via Createspace; in that booklet I’ll offer some more detailed suggestions for “So what?” I’ll also add more text to support for the individual LBT propositions. If you wish added corroboration, please use search function at Alex Jones’

One final observation from the heart: times are scary now, but only because the MOPS are on a suicidal course enabled by mass blind obedience to their illusory authority. The Truth Torpedo immediately disrupts this frequency of self-destruction and opens the door to a New Paradigm of Nonaggression. The paradigm shift must happen THIS YEAR, or it will be too late. So attest to these truths and spread this column to everyone you know, today!

[1] A Little Boy Truth is by definition self-evident—probability (P) = 100%—but we’re dealing with complex issues and assertions. So I’m conceding that at least some of my Little Boy Truths do not have the 100% probability of metaphysical certainty; my P% for each LBT shows my confidence factor.

[2] To be genuine evidence, an item must be publicly, independently verifiable. A government-body assertion that, say, passenger and crew remains were gathered and systematically identified (according to the most rigorous forensic standards) before being destroyed is simply an assertion. [An assertion doubly dubious for the evidence having been destroyed.]

[3] Meaning in this context ‘serving alien (e.g. stealth oligarchy) interests.’ [No need to state the obvious that virtually every president after the early ones has been controlled by a behind-the-scenes financial oligarchy.]

[4] In discussions on the role of fossil fuels for energy, few mention the predilection of the Cabal to quash alternative-energy technology. According to the Orion Project (and other full-disclosure efforts), advanced, clean energy systems to supplant our earth-pounding oil infrastructure have been invented and await imminent development. Now who would want to quash nonpolluting, bountiful, ‘free,’ off-the-grid energy for everyone?

[5] Project X is the name used by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged for an energy beam weapon developed by sellout scientists and engineers to create fear of the crumbling US government.

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5 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: The Truth Torpedo

  1. Hi Brian, I like the LBT pamphlet- it covers a lot, and I agree in full with 6 of 7. Putting 9/11 at the top is right- it is an enormous, blatant inside-job crime, along with an equally blatant destruction of a crime scene, followed by an amazingly obvious cover-up. No good can come from ignoring 9/11, yet many do. Thank you for putting 9/11 front and center. Obama did nothing to pursue truth or justice relating to 9/11. If Obama had been the “real change”, indictments would have been flying through the air immediately after he assumed office. Again, you are right about the cabal at the top- that is a fact. The GOTUS is a monster that thrives on our nationalistic patriotism (it wants to be loved!) and it feeds by taxing- also by the Federal Reserve. In any case, we, the 99+%, are the hosts in a parasitic relationship. It looks to me that the global warming thing, even if true, will ultimately be used to suck more money out of our pockets by way of global taxes, and I have no doubt that the cabal at the top will not be paying them- it’ll fall on us 99+%ers. By the way, I am all for alternate energy and conservation of resources and NOT poisoning the world. There are many scary things happening- the Fukushima disaster is ongoing, and over a thousand reactors on the planet continue to produce radioactive wastes (and a lot of heat). There are numerous plastics, pesticides and other toxic chemicals poisoning the world. Carbon dioxide is not a toxin, but a product of respiration and a product of burning carbon-containing substances. Anyway, in my estimation, six out of seven of your points are absolutely correct, but global warming is still open for further research and discussion.

  2. I have a different take on the carbon emissions part of the article but I am essentially in agreement with the balance of it.

  3. Wow, Kevin, thanks more than I can say for that marvelous comment. You have made my day, possibly my year. That’s exactly how I feel writing The Truth Torpedo, a lot of misgivings because so many people are resistant to this depth of reality, and I don’t really know whether I’m strong enough to hold up just stating what is so obvious to me. But it seems to be my destiny. I do not wish truth to hurt anyone, though it must.

  4. The Truth shall set you free – but first it will piss you off! So if you are pissed off, you are just about ready to be set free! But THAT is because you have started to be part of the solution, and are taking action – concrete action to act on your convictions. The Revolution begins within! When you start taking practical steps to not only strengthen your body and mind, but more importantly to strengthen your connection to that fearless spirit within you, the world as you know it changes inside and around you. This is a critical time in our human history and a critical time for you to finally exercise that boldness of spirit with which you have been born and change the struggle for existence into a joyful adventure. You have nothing to lose except your limitations.

  5. Hi Brian, don’t know how you find time to be informed on so many topics but have found your opinions to be correct on those I’ve followed up.Sorry I still haven’t had a chance to sit and chat with you but it will happen some day.Keep up the great work you have produced.Brendan

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