Brian’s Column: Ending the Great Recession

… in five easy pieces
by Brian Wright

Cracking the CodeWell, okay, they won’t be so easy to get going,
but once the first step is made, the rest should follow in quick succession. Note, I’m leaving up the image and link to Pete’s revolutionary book on restoring freedom from the federal state. It serves as a reminder that freeing all political prisoners is Job One in any restoration of economic health.

In a previous column contemporaneous with the 2008 election and ascendancy of the Big O—when politicians were talking about bailing out this auto company and that investment bank—I … brought up a three-pronged movement to restore economic health to humankind. Particularly, to Americans. The title of my first column on this movement was: The Big-3 Freedom Stimulus Package. To summarize that column, I held that Americans could realize a net benefit of $3 trillion per year by implementing three major programs ($1 trillion annual benefit from each):

Here is my Big-Three Real-American Stimulus Package of 2009:

  1. End the War on Drugs (WOD) —Experts estimate savings to citizens and governments of $500 billion, but do not take into account damage all victims incur, including lost lives.  Total savings to humanity in the United States for ending the WOD = ~$1 trillion/year (most of the savings recurring).
  2. End the Empire—The war budget when you include everything related to the empire is ~$1.5 trillion/year, which can be pared ~2/3 if we end the bogus wars and war on terror and all the other makework projects of the war departments. Total savings to humanity in the United States for ending the US military empire = ~$1 trillion/year (some significant recurring and nonrecurring savings).
  3. End the ban on agricultural hemp—Based on estimates of market size for all the product areas hemp satisfies it’s relatively easy to see a $trillion/year role in a GDP (2007-based) of $23 trillion in private industry (which of course would require a few years to accomplish). Total benefits to humanity in the United States for ending the ban on agricultural hemp = ~$1 trillion/year recurring (starting in 3-5 years with increased productivity into the multiple $trillions going forward).

Alas, “Stating the Obvious” is not much of a program. So while I sat back with my hands behind my head waiting for the corporate state to disappear from its lack of logical or humane foundation, nothing much happened. No one from the media called, my Coffee Coaster page visits didn’t change much, and book sales of The Sacred Nonaggression Principle—where I more deeply articulate the causes and cures of things—remained steady.

Here’s what I’ve discovered from the experience of being ignored, as well as from my unabashed support of other causes that are transparently true from the highest level of abstraction to the foundations of common sense (e.g. 9/11 Truth or the deep, persistent Evil-with-a-capital-E represented by the Federal Reserve System), yet are only now acquiring widespread favor:

    1. The truth of an idea has to have time to sink into consciousnesses long accustomed to falsehood cultivated by powers who benefit enormously from the falsehood… and who spread those benefits around to those who don’t ask too many questions.
    2. The numbers of those who come to know the truth and who confront directly with courage and intelligence the source of the truth’s concealment[1] must reach a critical mass… so that a grassroots movement can emerge among those less inclined to face “danger.” Few have the guts to be early adopters in politics.

So the freedom movement has, believe it or not, come a long way from early 2009. Nearly all the causes I’ve articulated on these pages—though certainly I’m not the earliest adopter in most of them—are climbing into the range of that critical mass in the general population. Without further analysis, let me list my five measures that will rapidly produce an economic revival the likes of which the world has never seen, nor will likely ever see again—don’t forget that the Singularity approaches. They are:

  1. Free the political prisoners—note I placed this first, because I’m getting to be an old softy. Real people such as Pete Hendrickson and Kevin Innes have been slammered by the state because they speak truth to power. Millions of persons are in jail for violating unconstitutional statutes such as drug prohibition statutes… when in fact those who wrote and put into effect those statutes are the ones who belong in jail. (People in jail are not productive; the people who put people in jail are not only not productive, they are viciously destructive.)
  2. End the WOD—This one we are on the verge of seeing, as marijuana prohibition dies a slow, inexorable death. California on November 2 may pass an amendment to fully legalize marijuana sale and use. Humane solutions are winning out over the lies and protectionism of those who benefit from prohibition. So it’s only a matter of time. Prediction: the WOD will be done like a dinner by 2012. Note, ending the WOD also means releasing vast numbers of political prisoners. As noted by Peter McWilliams and many other experts, peace will mean $1 trillion per year net social and economic benefit overnight.
  3. End the central-bank gravy train—and the War-and-Oil Machine it rode in on. What is the relationship between the Fed, the central banks of Europe, the Bank of International Settlements, and, say, the BP oil disaster in the Gulf (or the Exxon Valdez disaster, or the ongoing ravages of human communities by the Oil Cartel since its beginning, or all the wars of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries)? Hint, governments borrow money from the banksters to wage war; governments give the money to corporations to make tools of war; wars run on energy provided by their spoils; governments pay back the banksters with mountains of interest, coming from expropriation of citizens via taxation and debasing the currency. Stop the Cycle of the Death Star and recover people’s money.
  4. End hemp prohibition… with the stroke of a pen—The world will need an engine of production to take the place of “Death Star Oil and Finance.” (Note, hemp-based alcohol and other plant sources of alcohol can supply many of the energy needs that petroleum currently provides, especially automotive transportation. And it is renewable.) Hemp seeds contain protein with nearly a complete amino acid profile and also have a high percentage of healthful Omega-3 fatty acids; they can be made into protein powder or used as a tasty meat alternative. Most industrial uses for hemp have marked advantages over existing sources: paper, cloth, construction materials, and so on. Many states have legalized hemp cultivation, but are currently not defying the federal law that allows a lunatic, psychotic DEA to designate hemp as a Schedule 1 narcotic whose production and use is banned—which it has done.
  5. Restore the US Constitution—This is the broad-spectrum cure for the economic woes humans face. Mainly because the economic woes are due to plunder and killing by the alien Death Star crew. The US Constitution —restored and implemented to secure our natural condition of political freedom—is to the money power as Kryptonite to Superman. The money power—the Anglo-American Financier Oligarchy (A2FO)—can only survive and prosper in the absence of objective law protecting the natural liberties of the people.

Regarding the US Constitution, you may feel along with Lysander Spooner that it “either has authorized the government we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.” But if we go back to the meaning of the first 10 amendments, which explicitly acknowledge the natural rights of the people vis a vis the federal government, I believe the most strident anarchist will see the implementation of those “rights,” and the corresponding limitation on the authority of the feds, amounts to a giant step in the right direction.

But the “Five Easy Pieces” program is solid.

It’s happening. Join us. You may access the several links in the listing of these five steps for for key information. As with my “Big-Three Real-American Stimulus Package of 2009” nothing will come to fruition without a concerted effort of dedicated, motivated people like yourselves. What I feel is especially important to realize at this juncture is that political freedom is the cause of economic growth… for real people. The absence of political freedom means that real people are being ripped off. So in today’s corporate-welfare-queen economy, when a Goldman-Sachs reports record profits, it only means some high-placed thieves are running away with the people’s cookie jar and calling it prosperity.


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