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… then the rest of us
Support the effort to free former governor
Don Siegelman from the Federal Prosecutocracy
by Various

Free Don SiegelmanSo why would the Coffee Coaster care about a public official who was subjected to blatantly malicious federal prosecution then convicted in a federal kangaroo court and imprisoned in the federal Gulag. Because if it can happen to Don Siegelman (governor of Alabama 1999-2003) it can happen to you, to me, or to your grandmother munching on marijuana brownies… and IS!

Siegelman, a popular Democrat in a Republican state, was targeted by the Karl Rove-led prosecutocracy for purely political reasons. The Department of Justice in that hate-and-war mongering era of Bushwhacker II conducted an unending vendetta to keep Siegelman from winning the 2006 gubernatorial election. Through a sequence of raw and brutal injustices evoking the Salem Witchcraft trials, Don’s exemplary personal and professional life was torn apart and he was sentenced to serve seven years in prison. His cause was covered by 60 Minutes and has been taken up by several opinion leaders on all sides of the spectrum.

Please read the source material from the links above. In the Obama years the DOJ has refused to go after its employees who were malfeasant or to prosecute manifest crimes committed in the official actions taken against Mr. Siegelman. The Supremes have refused to hear his appeals; in August a judge reduced Siegelman’s sentence by a grimly comical six months to 78 months, and on September 11, 2012, Siegelman reported to the federal pen in Oakdale, Louisiana.

Let’s be clear about what the former governor did: he appointed a large contributor to a non-compensated but influential position on an Alabama state board. That’s it. There is no evidence of a direct quid pro quo on the awarding of the office itself, and the governor received no funds or property from the contributor privately. If what Siegelman did is a convictable offense, then the total number of public officials at local, state, and federal levels of government who should not be sent to jail is approximately three.

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Let’s put it another way: If Obama does not pardon Siegelman, and the 66-year-old man—who American Trial Lawyer Magazine has called America’s #1 Political Prisoner—is left to rot in the swamps of Louisiana for half a decade more, then you and me and grandma should be VEWY VEWY AFWAID. Because all a prosecutor needs to do is dislike us and we’re gone… like an Obamanon extrajudicial murder or an indefinite detention without trial.

I’m copying the latest communication from the Siegelman pardon and justice team below. Please spend a moment and sign the petition at least, send funds if you feel like it, and—here’s a great idea for libertarians—send a letter to Don Siegelman in prison. Do you think he’s going to be sympathetic and helpful to ending the monstrous Federal Prosecutocracy and the programs that feed it… such as the War on Drugs?! You have to believe he’ll be sympathetic to the millions of less celebrated victims of coercive government run amok.

Here’s what I’m saying: by sending a gesture of—fully warranted—good will and compassion to an obviously decent and caring human being as Don Siegelman, a onetime high-placed government official tragically pummeled by some very evil people in a very evil system, we hasten the day of our own compassionate liberation en masse from the clutches of that evil system.

Libertarians for Don Siegelman!

Dear Friends,

You inspire us. Your creativity (see above banner), your optimism, your dedication…WOW!

We still need a hundred thousand signatures at That means constant publicity, posting on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, emailing to friends, co-workers, and organizational listervs. It means putting a bumper sticker on your car or making phone calls to your friends in the media to cover the story.

The next 90 days are crucial. More than crucial – pivotal! We are going to move mountains by inaugural day.

I’m going to be traveling around the country rallying support. I’m going to be raising money for ads, materials for distribution, and hopefully an agent to help with publicity! I don’t want to give up on my dad; I want to give it my all!

Dad and I had a long heart to heart yesterday in Oakdale, LA. He is hopeful but cautious, positive but realistic, angry but oh so funny. He made me laugh and cry all at the same time!

I promised him I would say thank you for him, that I would write and encourage you to work hard over the next ninety days. We need your talents, your connections, and your resources. Everyone has something to offer.

We cannot forget that Dad was dragged away in handcuffs and shackles five years ago and taken into solitary confinement because some people really do not fight fairly. We have to fight back (but fairly)!

Please join me in this movement, over the next 90 days, to free Don Siegelman.


Dana and family

To write Dad, please go here.

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