Brian’s Column: Doreen Hendrickson News Release

Assembled by myself and Shane Trejo, executive director of CRAL
June 26, 2015

DoreenPlease read and review. Also, this is a user document. We want everyone who sees the release to go to the original at this location (, then download it in Word format, adjust the date if need be, and send it forward to your local media and newswires in the general vicinity of wherever you hang your hat. The saga of Doreen and Pete Hendrickson needs to be sent out to the world, far and wide. They are the folk heroes around whom every American can rally… as we learn to claim/reclaim our property from Leviathan… and wrest a good woman from its clutches, bringing her home to family and friends. The word is Liberty. Spread the good word.

And fund the ongoing effort here:

Make viral the outstanding 12-minute video: As of this posting, number of visits/views to the YouTube channel is closing in on 10,000. Continue reading

Guest Column: Free Don Siegelman

… then the rest of us
Support the effort to free former governor
Don Siegelman from the Federal Prosecutocracy
by Various

Free Don SiegelmanSo why would the Coffee Coaster care about a public official who was subjected to blatantly malicious federal prosecution then convicted in a federal kangaroo court and imprisoned in the federal Gulag. Because if it can happen to Don Siegelman (governor of Alabama 1999-2003) it can happen to you, to me, or to your grandmother munching on marijuana brownies… and IS! Continue reading