Brian’s Column: Melody and Tanya

Dear Melody and Tanya:
Regarding threats of (and cures to) the ‘Toxocracy’

What are they sprayingOpen letter to Melody and Dr. Tanya, my
masseuse and chiropractor, respectively.—ed.

As I put this together, mainly for you Melody, because you asked about sulfur supplementation, other health issues besides atmospheric toxins came up that I’ve been researching lately… particularly, water ‘fluoridation’ and then the concerns about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It became clear that it’s the material of a rather full column, so I’ve decided to post this on my Coffee Coaster site more or less as is. I just last night viewed the Jeffrey M. Smith movie on GM foods, and it was quite an eye-opener.[1

[What you start to realize as you get into the so-called truth movement is one piece of the puzzle connects another piece somewhere else, until the whole picture becomes clear. The GMO DVDs are the final pin in the tumbler for me. It all makes sense; I finally see the BIG PICTURE. And I realize the whole truth movement is turning a corner with the GMO awareness; people are fighting back and telling the biotech giants (esp. Monsanto) to stuff it. Same thing is going to happen in all other instances of the Truth movement.]

Why are they sprayingOn my appt last week, I mentioned the likelihood of chemtrails—classified, but commonly known to exist and even indirectly acknowledged by various government/academic/industry agencies. More precisely, stratospheric atmospheric geoengineering (SAG), chemicals sprayed from high-altitude mostly military aircraft for various purposes. The main two categories of purpose are military—probably to support battlefield surveillance, shield against missile attacks, and enhance the effects of high-tech energy beam weapons—and industrial—modifying the weather to enable a group of inside manipulators to profit from drought, famine, GM foods, etc.

Two starter videos about the chemtrail phenomenon are here on YouTube, but I do have copies if you want, which is sometimes nice if you want to play them from a TV monitor. The links I’m giving are apparently the full length versions of the films. Also, YouTube has shorter trailers for both DVDs that give you an idea of their contents. These are terrific achievements by courageous citizen-researchers who could ignore the problem and probably live out their days, but they care about others, not to mention their descendants. [Order by clicking the associated video images above right to better aid the cause.]

From seeing these and continuing my reading, I eventually wound up at Our soil has been seriously depleted of sulfur since the early 1950s with the advent of petroleum based fertilizers. The body ideally contains about 4% sulfur, but the body does not make or store the substance; it must come from our food. The order page here is easy to use; it’s a high -density product and the cost is reasonable at $45/lb, which should last a 150# person about two months. Instructions for making it palatable to ingest are provided.

SulfurSulfur is good for combining with metals and safely removes them as sulfates before oxides are formed—the oxides of aluminum, for instance, stay in the body and are associated with a number of serious disease conditions. So sulfur is a wonder-drug when it comes to countering the likely poisoning of chemtrails. Sulfur because of its ease of forming molecular bonds is also vital to oxygen transport and supplementation results typically in better energy, bowel function, sleep, and a host of other benefits. Refer to this column in Natural News. [I have been taking sulfur for a few weeks, and already have noted some of the ancillary benefits.]

The awareness of chemtrails is growing rapidly, as are the groups opposing the activity. I fully believe that, in fact, the SAG atmospheric poisoning phenomenon is real and an imminent threat to humankind. The ‘official’ The Great Cullingword from the mainstream media (MSM) and its government/industry/academic sources is that chemtrails are simply an instance of ‘contrails,’ that is normal aircraft jet engine exhaust. [Indeed, Wikipedia’s treatment of the subject of chemtrails smuggles in the concept that chemtrails are invalid by titling its article ‘Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory.’]

And there exist a host of supposed debunkers and collaborators out in Webspace that are trying to sell you that the skies we see today are no different from what we saw 15-20 years ago. They say: nothing to see here, no need to look up, go back to work like a good little Borgatron. The facts are there, though, if you dig for them. Some very powerful forces are at play and they are pulling out all the stops to cover up and deny the truth of this manifest antihuman program… and other such programs, such as those I mention in my Truth Torpedo.

“Just because you’re not paranoid
doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.”

Genetic RouletteThe proof is in the pudding. After seeing the chemtrail DVDs, especially the first one that described the spraying in California—levels of Aluminum, Strontium, and Barium there are way above toxic standards for human health—I took a rainwater sample on my condo patio in Novi. The sampling was taken in December and followed a period of what I perceived as extensive chemtrail activity for several days. Results haven’t come in yet, and I have mixed feelings about what they’ll be. On the one hand I want corroboration of the obvious, on the other if the toxic metals are not over spec I’ll feel relieved… for a while. Something is definitely in our skies (and soils and waters) that should not be. I’ll keep investigating.

Aside from the SAG, there are a two other big threats I’ve discovered via the DVD research [Order by clicking the associated video images above right to better aid the cause.] :

One may ask: “With all of such programs seemingly planned to cull the human species on earth and enslave who remains, how do the planners and executors of such attacks plan to escape the effects themselves? They’re breathing the same air and drinking the same water and eating from the same soils as everyone else.” And that’s given me pause as well, thinking that no way would the powers that be (PTB), say, nuke the planet, because that would be suicidal. Two references:

I simply wanted to identify further reading for those interested in answering the obvious question of qui bono from ‘democide:’ My judgment is that those who succumb to the SunFLOWerdisease of the Great Power Sickness are solely intelligent when it comes to control technology, and, at the upper levels of a power structure, behavior is typically grossly irrational and suicidal. In biology one sometimes sees a species whose inner (diseased) compulsions cause it to destroy itself.[2]


[1] Here I want to mention two additional corroborating references that demonstrate exactly what ‘is rotten in the state of Denmark.’ Probably the best evidence of a pathocracy—a malevolent ruling force that aims to enslave and destroy humanity—lies in 1) the crime of 9/11 and 2) the steady evisceration of societies worldwide by that pathocracy. I have recently been witness to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s Experts Speak Out DVD and a truly remarkable book written by John Perkins in 2007, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. These works are a magnificent and integrating revelation about, respectively, who is behind the crime of the century and the global crime process of the past six or seven decades.

[2] Example: from The Smithsonian: “The Truth about Lions.”

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  1. Brian, Brian. Confessions of an Economic hit man is an absurd book, bereft of sound economics and in the grip of genocidal environmentalism. Again, you are completely losing your moorings.

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