Brian’s Column: The National Boycott

“Who’s in charge here?”
by Brian Wright

National BoycottBoycott: the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country [government] to further an economic or humanitarian objective, usually in a social or political context.

My column today is a first sketch of a US national movement I am founding to withhold personal moral, political, and/or economic sanction from the US federal government (USG) until it ends a modest number of its most blatant and extreme acts of aggression—all unconstitutional—in three broad categories, to wit:

  1. heinous acts of state terror against humanity,
  2. gross violations of the US Constitution (USC), and
  3. monstrous national security-state violations of persons worldwide.

[Items 1 and 3 may seem identical, but I’m trying to make a distinction between the 1) military or war-related acts and 3) the more ‘intel’-related crimes that feed the military aggression.] Consider this a starter kit for, I hope, effective action at a grass roots—individuals acting in concert—level to bring the Leviathan State to heel and to justice. This column and the boycott itself—to the extent it catches on—will go through several updates and enhancements.

Name of Boycott and Essential Components

I have created a name and registered a Website url for the national boycott, simply The National Boycott (TNB) and (Note: the site is not yet active, but I can receive email at [Up front, a powerful innovation of TNB lies in its phased-participation feature, allowing any one individual to support the entire set of demands thru a comfortable and extremely low-risk initial level of involvement—for example, simply not buying products from certain corporate sponsors.] A boycott has three components, which I list below along with their specific values for The National Boycott:

Boycott Component
TNB Value
The subject of the boycott USG and the corporate-banking mob behind the scenes.
The objectives, demands, or requirements of the boycott, which, if met, typically end the boycott. Stop atrocities and gross unconstitutional acts, detailed below.
Actions to be taken by those participating in the boycott, intended to bring about the meeting of objectives. Social, political, and economic, detailed below—all based on moral and spiritual considerations.

Rationale. The rationale for the boycott should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer: the modern American state is totally out of control, has become a 900# gorilla that has broken its chains and threatens our liberties and our very lives, not to mention our economic well being.

  • It practices torture and war crimes as public policy; it prosecutes, imprisons, and tortures those who expose torture and war crimes.
  • It creates foreign false-flag military and intelligence operations to stoke the war machinery and enrich war financiers.
  • It stages domestic massacres for purposes of disarming of the citizenry, ensuring via its corporate propaganda and criminal prosecution network that truth and facts are hidden from the people.
  • It has launched a robust security state juggernaut to round up, imprison, torture, and/or kill anyone who objects to its unbridled central power.

And that’s just before coffee break. [The full story of abject, routine government criminality may be found in a number of Internet resources; I have mine and you have yours. As a common denominator, I see the majority of information distributes as what most people find true and valid.] As interested persons help me to develop TNB, the rationale for the boycott will be fully documented and promoted. Today I simply want to lay out some detail for the boycott components as I see them coming out of the gate.

Subject(s) of The National Boycott

Just a paragraph at this point to connect the dots: This boycott targets the Western state hierarchy and its backers, the cabal of power-sick (usually) men—in my book The Barrier Cloud, I refer to this cabal as the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS)—that aims to centrally control everyone on the planet… that is, everyone it decides not to kill off. The US federal state (USG) is the main enforcement apparatus for the MOPS and the financial institutions who ultimately hold the booty taken over the decades from the productive-creative class. The National Boycott, for practical reasons, treats the USG as its target, the subject of the boycott to which demands for performance—or, more often, nonperformance—apply.

Objects of The National Boycott

The Table of Objectives below lists by category 18 particular actions that the boycott insists the USG perform in order for TNB to end its boycott operation. For this initial column I simply slapped these demands together. I expect the final list before official launch to be a much improved lot, and I vigorously solicit input from readers and intended participants.

Table of Objectives
Category 1: Heinous Crimes against Humanity
A End and prosecute torture
B End and prosecute war crimes
C End the military occupations overseas, de-empire
D Specific: Close Guantanamo (and similar operations)
E Specific: Free Bradley Manning and Julian Assange
F Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act
Category 2: Gross Violations of the Constitution
A End the War on Drugs and for Drugs, abolish DEA and FDA
B Specific: End federal prohibition of hemp (stroke of pen)
C Repeal gun control; it leaves minorities defenseless vs. crime and the police-state
D End prosecutions of consensual crimes; release victims, expunge their records
E End the Federal Reserve System and USG monopoly banking
F Recover Wall Street bailout funds, prosecute bankster theft
Category 3: National Security State violations
A Specific: Repeal the Patriot Act
B Specific: Abolish Homeland Security and TSA
C Prosecute crimes of state, e.g. 9/11, Okla City bombing
D Withdraw from entangling alliances esp. w/ ‘occupier’ governments
E Fully disclose state secrets and suppressed technology
F Abolish CIA et al, expunge illegal surveillance data, prosecute

Note that several of the objectives need further description or definition. Many of the objectives will need to be monitored for compliance, by an appropriately configured citizens’ committee.

Participation Levels in The National Boycott

For ease of application I have identified three categories of participation, generally moving from lower to higher risk, thus lower to higher effect on the subject(s) of the boycott. Just as for the object, I have half a dozen specific actions to be performed. Note they do not relate directly to the object actions.

Table of Actions
Level 1: Social
A End participation in nonboycotting social circles
B Stop watching corporate commercial television
C Do not support sporting event corporate sponsors
D Ostracize (most) USG, state, and local law enforcement officials
E Stop eating meat and dairy [also economic; social custom]
F Get healthy: forgo alcohol and other addictive substances
Level 2: Political
A ‘Smoke a joint, turn yourself in:’ Flood LE w/trivial consent crimes
B Join Oath Keepers: publicly insist local (and all) officials keep oath
C Amend USC to release all federal political prisoners
D 10th Amendment Nullification of unconstitutional USG laws
E Seek alternative, nonviolent means of obtaining essential government services
F Take up arms: find, join your local state militia, get training
Level 3: Economic
A Reduce consumption of gas and oil
B Boycott federal reserve debt instruments
C As a farmer, grow hemp and marijuana publicly en masse
D As businessman refuse compliance with illegal federal regulations
E Grow food not lawns:’ Become part of the self-reliance community
F If you are a nontaxpayer do not pay federal ‘income’ taxes[1]

In the area of participation, especially, we need to see a lot of individual discussion and consensus. My thoughts are that we set up a standard set of actions, then encourage participants to sign up and roll their own. What any given individual chooses to do to boycott the USG is completely up to him; the important thing is participation and public presentation. Higher-level participants will also be performing many if not all of the prior lower-level actions.

You’ll note that a lot of the actions are valid regardless of any boycott. 🙂

The National Boycott Process

The founder envisions TNB to start by word of mouth; he himself is a Level 3F participant at this time. The Coffee Coaster site has an email ‘petition’ available to express interest, form the nucleus of people to build a site and develop the system and operations.

[To express interest, 1) go to the, 2) locate on the upper right-hand side the email petition ‘The National Boycott,’ 3) Click ‘Yes, I’m IN,” and 4) fill out the form that comes up.]

We are still in phase 1 of development of concept and operations. Assuming success of the initial phase, I envision TNB to ambitiously market itself with professional writing and artwork, bumper stickers, paraphernalia, spokespersons, fundraising, and what have you. But we must never lose sight of the individuality of the participants, making them feel special at whatever level of commitment they wish to make, also making everyone feel proud to be publicly a part of such a grand and glorious cause. For example, I want Joe Slabotnik to feel great shouting from the rooftops, “I’m a level 1C supporter and look at my lapel pin!”

Phases of the Boycott

I imagine three phases. The development first phase is described briefly in the forgoing paragraph, let’s say it officially starts with the contribution of, say, $1,000, with 100 participants. The second phase I’ll set arbitrarily at a funding level of $10,000 with 1,000 participants, and during the second phase, I want to see at least one semicelebrity come on board. In fact, obtaining a major celebrity is a big concept of the marketing plan. Phase 3 reaches $100,000 in funding and 10,000 participants; the end of this phase results in victory of the boycott at whatever funding and participation it takes. Realistically, 1,000,000 active participants will cause the USG to take note and change behavior (because with that number, 10,000,000 is not far or long behind). Other major changes of operation will occur in the boycott at different phases to be described at a later time.


I don’t want to spend much time describing the consequences of a successful boycott now, but certainly we will gain enough support to make two substantial enhancements to the political system:

  1. Form a citizens’ grand jury to monitor USG compliance with terms of the boycott and to supervise prosecutions for major crimes and treason.
  2. One of the functions of the citizens’ grand jury or a subjury will be to determine monetary damages caused by the criminal central political class—specifically its financial dictators—to the creative-productive class.

The development of the citizens’ grand jury as a tool for implementing truth and reconciliation, as well as to obtain meaningful reparations for harm done by specific individuals or cartels to the people, will start somewhere in the middle of Phase 3 of TNB. The prospect of increased reparations to those with standing by virtue of participation in the boycott—particularly financial contributions by a boycotter—should be announced at the earliest opportunity as an incentive for joining the boycott.

The Spiritual Appeal

The National Boycott needs to be promoted as a discovery and sharing of each individual’s moral light. Each of us has a responsibility to behave with honor and decency toward others, in concert with the nonaggression principle. When a human agency claiming to represent us abandons all reason, compassion, and justice in its behavior, then we must stand together as efficiently as possible to rapidly overturn that false thing… hopefully without violence. To do so SunFLOWeris a spiritual achievement of the highest order… it promises the end of addiction and suffering. You’ll note that several of the boycott actions stand to improve one’s own health and inner peace; we will stress these benefits to the individual participant. Then the objective of good government will follow as the day the night.[2]

[1] We are in the post-Hendrickson era, now (ref. Cracking the Code by Peter Hendrickson). Libertarians who know the law realize that the federal ‘income’ tax as written in statute and implemented in regulation is an indirect or excise tax solely applying to the exercise of federal privilege—i.e. federal employment, federal corporation earnings, holding federal public office, and the like. Those to whom the ‘income’ tax does not apply are legally nontaxpayers; any payment a nontaxpayer makes to the federal government under the ‘income’ tax is purely voluntary.

[2] Notes on Gandhi’s use of the boycott, from Wikipedia article:

Gandhi expanded his non-violence platform to include the swadeshi policy—the boycott of foreign-made goods, especially British goods. Linked to this was his advocacy that khadi (homespun cloth) be worn by all Indians instead of British-made textiles. Gandhi exhorted Indian men and women, rich or poor, to spend time each day spinning khadi in support of the independence movement. Gandhi even invented a small, portable spinning wheel that could be folded into the size of a small typewriter. This was a strategy to inculcate discipline and dedication to weeding out the unwilling and ambitious and to include women in the movement at a time when many thought that such activities were not respectable activities for women.

In addition to boycotting British products, Gandhi urged the people to boycott British educational institutions and law courts, to resign from government employment, and to forsake British titles and honours. “Non-cooperation” enjoyed widespread appeal and success, increasing excitement and participation from all strata of Indian society. Using non-cooperation as a technique, Gandhi initiated a signature campaign where peasants pledged non-payment of revenue even under the threat of confiscation of land. A social boycott of mamlatdars and talatdars (revenue officials within the district) accompanied the agitation.

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6 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: The National Boycott

  1. Brian,
    Go for it. Every speck in the eye of the feds is helpful. Specks of paint can become murals. You’ve got my moral support but right now that’s about all I have to give.

    I had no idea how much I would become involved in this liberty thing as a Republican Precinct Delegate. I’ll be up at Boyne Mountain for a weekend of a RNC training seminar for PD’s in May. Check out the GOP Weekly Newsletter, which will follow this scribe’s musings, for dates of Republican Party goings on.

    Am I having an effect – you betchum Red Rider. Last night I was a proxy for an ill friend at the Macomb County Republican Party’s executive meeting. As his proxy I was able to enter into official discussion if it would be possible or proper for the county executive committee to establish a committee to search for reductions of spending in the state budget and to do likewise in the state government’s and to recommend those findings to the Republican lawmakers.

    The idea was shot down by party functionaries, but the best answer was from the Chairman of the Republican Party for Macomb County, Rob Montilla. It might be a good idea but our resources are limited and he would rather use those resources to expand the party’s influence in Macomb County. I had quite a few heads nodding agreement with the concept. I asked the question, not so much as to effect the committee, but to get the audience thinking about using the state party’s influence to effect change, and put pressure on Republicans to push for reductions in the size and expense of the state government.

  2. Brian, I am an advocate of your freedom philosophy.

    From my PURE POWER book… Chapter One: The Power Of Choice.

    Go for it!

  3. Brian, my thought is that because each and every department of the government, along with the mega businesses and institutions in the private sector, have become equally and simultaniously corrupted, it is this tree that has to be corrected. Each of its branches have become rotten from overwatering and lobbying. I would like to see this included.

  4. Perhaps there is some fine distinction between items 1 and 3 of which I am as yet unaware; however, seems to me *government* itself is a “heinous act of state terror against humanity” – against groups or individual human beings …

    Time to start over methinks – the “system” is broken and unrepairable.

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