Brian’s Column: Open Letter to Joe Shlabotnik

Potpourri of the argument to waking up
by Brian Wright

ShlabotnikThe following reveals my underlying thought processes as I work on an individualized letter of personal appeal to my ‘huckleberries’ (the perhaps two-to-three-hundred dear friends and family I have acquired since early adulthood—persons who yet remain unwilling to check their premises when it comes to the legitimacy of their primal-brain authority of the United States nation-state that has now become thoroughly broken without the possibility of repair). It must be replaced. Along with its agents of mind control of the mainstream media and the bankster horses they all rode in on. My letter will be a heartfelt humanitarian plea for my huckleberries to WAKE UP! Any comments to help it be the best it can be are surely welcome. — bw

Dear Joe Shlabotnik,

[Joe Shlabotnik is a mythical baseball player from the Peanuts cartoon. I believe it was Charlie Brown who was always looking for the holy grail of baseball cards: Joe Shlabotnik. I’m using the name to suggest the everyman behind every great soul, the everyman who is my idealization of my huckleberries.]

[Some personal comments; letter will go out individually to approx. 500-1000 people I know well enough to make a personal appeal to. “Joe, although I’m sending the gist of this letter to many people, individually, please consider what follows a personal appeal to you—a productive, conscientious, caring human being.”]

My appeal comes in the form of a discovery, a prospect, and a warning—universal in nature. I shall endeavor to be brief—I know, always a challenge for me. I envision a world of benevolence and love and abundance. [Use Intentional Journey wording.]

My political and philosophic history from youth [maybe 50-100 words, no more.]

[I’m giving the following, but the points are just for notes. The actual part of Slabotnik message will be < 1500 words: the discovery part—which leads to warning and prospect.]

During my youthful prime time, I married and plugged into the system. Also, accepted the US nation-state authority structure. Took major hit on substance abuse: alcohol. At the same time I was moving on liberty as I saw it, early leader in the Libertarian Party. And, most important, I kept reading and thinking.

Feelings of anger and unhappiness, feelings of being trapped, also trapped in my reactive mind. Marriage breakup and it’s my fault. In 1985 the Alaska trip. Always questioning the system at some level, but not dealing with it healthfully, mainly in LP politics of the more radical and nonconstructive version. Late 90s Drug War strikes. Book: There Must Be Some Mistake ( (covers period 1992-1999, written in 2005/6).

2001: Thinking moves toward alternatives. 2004 LP Convention, new LP, by selecting Badnarik over Russo, goes the way of the Rube Implosion—not that Badarik is a bad or ineffective person, simply that 1/100 of the right man for the right time that Russo would have been. Introduced there to FSP, Amanda Phillips, hubba hubba. First Free State Procupine Festival, one of the ‘founders’ on the ground of the Free State. First book New Pilgrim Chonicles ( (2005).

All along first five years of the 2000s, personal life: high income until 1/1/2004, great diaspora of the technical writers with corporate outsourcing and the debt-based economy. Naïve about causes and prospects for reemployment. Now I’m in my early 50s. No real romantic interests, still tremendously cause-focused and truth-focused.

Combo of Drug War hit and Free State insights—and Lulu for alternative publishing of writers—I write The Sacred Nonaggression Principle ( (2009, initially, but final version 2011). This is new thinking: first the SNaP idea, then ‘why aggression?’ The Barrier Cloud—broken out in a book of its own in 2012 (—caused externally by the Men of the Power Sickness, internally by ‘persistent limbic system.’ Diagram.

At that point, I proved the cabalization argument, which I had myself never held before. Conveniently, I was discovering the truth about 9/11 (leads to other coverups) about 2005. In early 2007, started The Coffee Coaster ( as opinion site. Continued to do more reading. First reading of Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, ca. 2007.

Other liberty-focused independent journalists, taking advantage of the Web, were emerging in the late 90s following the Oklahoma City bombing, especially. Post 9/11, alternative journalism taking off like a rocket. But I didn’t really catch up with it until toward the end of the first 2000s decade. Significant now: Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Jon Rappoport, many else.

With SNaP I knew that the solution to penetrating the Barrier Cloud was going to be spiritual. Tolle offered several Jesus statements that are pertinent. Have had several political world-of-form action ideas that haven’t panned out. Thinking that simply articulating the Truth would bring people to me, generate book sales. Doesn’t work that way. Truth Torpedo ( written in 2012; very good on a conceptual level. But even libertarians negative. Book of Being in the works. [SNaP ch7: Nonaggression Faith ( anticipates.]

Mom’s end times, and my care for her, through 2013-02-26 and following for half a year at least. Mother’s Stone written, captures an extraordinary life. While I was with her in the final three or four years, and helped out, she lived with me, still I’ve been ‘stuck in mind.’  Though, with Tolle, and my writing, reading, other activities (MX, golf) I was coming into being more and more. [I wish I had been more Now… especially with her. She might have lived several years longer had I been paying more attention and had we done the right treatment.]

She wanted I write a novel… she loved Travis McGee by John D. MacDonald, and thought I could/should write a private eye story like that, and lay off the political/philosophical. But I couldn’t figure out a way to do that… until she died, when it occurs to me that the Book of Being will be an ideal novel: tell a story that conveys the spiritual message we need, the spiritual movement we need. Like the Celestine Prophecy.

[Above will state case personally of what I discovered logic. Then Prospect and Warning. Next section ends the letter to Slabotnik. Approx. 1000 words.]

Beginning to see a destiny now. It’s just worked out that I’ve been crossing a river and every time I need to make another step, the next rock lies in front of me. I have been parented to be the one I am and ‘divine intervention’ has led me to this point to lead a religion[1] that synthesizes nonviolence internally and externally. Slabotnik: Verbiage of benevolent vision.

It will be specific and definite, have several of the features of a ‘real’ religion. Including icons and behaviors: music, poetry, slogans, creeds: Truth-Tolerance-Compassion. Joy-Ease-Lightness. Falun Dafa. Exercises. Celebrations. Sacraments. Only hint at this in Slabotnik.

Rapid growth imperative needing from recognition of the threat’s severity. [Use of the MX,[2] especially MXF as a tool for growth. Side benefit: financial independence. Explained in final section that letter refers to.] Again this will be hinted at in Slabotnik, more for acquiring converts and practitioners. We will have fun: encourage joy, peace, and lightness while we actively work to help and free victims of state aggression worldwide. Qua Falun Dafa.

[Next more detail on prospect and warning. The people can join Boycott and come to ‘Jesus.’ Detail on the prospect (FLOW) will be only if they ask, eventually the FLOW website up.]

Vision of how ‘the gatherings’ work. Distinct system, some education as part of process. Book(s). Cultivation practices/exercises that grow Being in the individual: coming into the Source: “May the Source be with you.” We have Falun Dafa to borrow from, some will be a subset of that, likely a breathing exercise performed together. Hand gestures. “Live Free” “Source FLOW” In gatherings, after sourcing, we FLOW via ‘visibility and truth’ fellowship.

Source, FLOW, Outreach/Minister. Exact breakdown TBD. Social activism: particularly in the furtherance of the nonaggression principle in society. It will come to be known as our way. Next stage of consciousness we reach. The white band: Truth Tolerance Compassion.

[1] Religion qua an integrated system of belief in, practice of, and reverence for a supreme universal principle or ‘idea’ (in our case: Being). Note: FLOW and Beism are reason-based spiritual philosophies. Ref. Deism.


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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Open Letter to Joe Shlabotnik

  1. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now! By a strange co-incidence I just finished reading that book at the suggestion of someone on the internet. Though I agree that meditation, including the interrupting of sometimes obsessive line of thought is valuable, the rest of Tolle is Buddhist nonsense of a highly destructive order in my opinion. The reason o get out of an obsessive line of thought is to get into a line of though more representative of reality. Rand would know what to say about Tolle, a purposeful underminer of the efficacy of human reason.

    My “crack-up” in 1983 had some interesting parallels to your experience with the “authorities” though I was actually guilty of abusing rental vehicles during by temporary “insanity.” Of course, I recognized who you were talking about and the lawyer must have been Mike Modelski.

    In my view, libertarianism, mostly because of Rothbard, has failed to distinguish the difference between ultimate ideals and what it takes to maintain the liberties we have left and hopefully move a bit toward liberty. Rand was closer to the mark though even worse temperamentally.

  2. Interesting evolution. It’s hard to merge all the complicated elements of life, physical, family, making a living in an ever changing world while being true to our ideals.

    I’m currently trying to redo the website I’ve patchworked through the years so that I can make a good living promoting the ideals I believe to be true.

    May we all escape the trappings of the system and continue to encourage others to see the light.

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