Book Review: 9/11 Synthetic Terror (2006)

Made in the USA
by Webster Griffin Tarpley
Reviewed by Brian Wright

9/11 Synthetic TerrorMr. Tarpley is the third leg of a trifecta of men with Griffin in their names, each of whom will go down in history as opening up the death-dealing operations of “Cartel Planet” and decisively shining truth to power. [The other two are Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor and other 9/11 Truth masterpieces, and G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island: a second look at the Federal Reserve.] Less poetically and more descriptively, “Cartel Planet” is the ongoing Anglo-American financier oligarchy—the phrase Webster Tarpley uses—that has taken over the real human economy of the West (and most of the world) for purposes that are not healthful to real humans: tyranny, war, genocide, pandemics, plunder, banking crises, recessions, depressions, and so on.

In 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Tarpley primarily focuses on what are known as acts of “false-flag state terror (FFST),” which are secret operations conducted by nation-states calculated to create perceived threats to a general population—crimes against the people orchestrated by the oligarchy that are attributed to the oligarchy’s enemies—which are rationally, demonstrably untrue. The purpose of creating these false threats and phantom enemies, is to cause the general population, out of fear and/or cowardice, to submit to “nation-state” domination—e.g. send money; imprison, torture, and kill people; sing stadium praises to their leaders and soldiers—where for us “nation-state” = the Anglo-American oligarchy centered in international monopoly central-banks.[1]

[Most Americans will accept US federal-government tyranny, most Brits the tyranny of the UK government, and so on, but the overall effect is submission to a global political money-power. For a fine source of contemporary news on this entity, often referred to as “the Globalists,” visit Alex Jones’ outstanding sites: and]

One of the greatest virtues of Synthetic Terror is its dissection of many of the principal organizations that make Cartel Planet into such a formidable antagonist: from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, the Trilateral Commission, Wall Street mafia, the CIA and NSA, private armies, down to the pathetic patsies who are often indulged their wildest addictions—in 9/11 lap dances, cocaine, flying instructions—before taking it up the ol’ wazoo for Team Vader. You get a ringside seat and Mr. Tarpley gives names and faces, facts and dates, connects the dots. He gives history lessons, too, e.g. the Gunpowder Plot, November 5, 1605.

What will amaze you is how many highly publicized terror attacks from the latter years of the 20th century—the Greek group known as November 19, the Italian Red Brigades, Baader-Meinhof, the PLO with its supposed terrorist acts such as the 1972 Munich Olympics killings, and so on—have clear lines of paternity in hierarchical Globalist state-security organizations. The CIA, UK MI-6, Israeli Mossad, and a handful of others have footprints all over these operations; Tarpley gives details. Here is the book’s general premise, which I find compelling:

The naive view of terrorism is that it grows up directly out of oppression, economic misery, and political despair. Oppressed and exploited people, or those who have been colonized by a foreign power, supposedly come together spontaneously in ones and twos, create an organization, and after a certain time of preparation go over to armed struggle against their oppressors or occupiers. But this is the rarest of exceptions.

This [conventional] view is blind to the most important institutional actors in the world of terrorism—secret intelligence agencies like CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, Stasi, MI-6, [Mossad,] and the rest. Secret intelligence agencies are institutions in which the very essence of oligarchy is at work: as enjoyment of oligarchical privileges comes invariably at the expense of the people, covert methods of control become indispensable.

[Secret intelligence agencies in their modern forms go back to the Republic of Venice, which was famous for its intelligence directorate, the Council of Ten, and its pervasive network of spies, informers, and provocateurs… Despite their cultural differences, all of these secret agencies are fundamentally alike. Terrorism starts within these secret agencies, or nowadays more likely in their privatized tentacles—such as in the intelligence community the United States has had since President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333.]

Oh, and Al Qaeda is wholly a “Creature from CIA Island,” pure and simple. Tarpley blows the lid off the CIA’s development and use of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Keep in mind these FFST operations are solely the “shock and awe” portion of the larger, profound assault by “Men of the Deep Power Sickness” (aka the Globalists, the Pathocracy, the Power Elite, etc.)[2] upon generally benevolent, though yet distressingly ignorant, humanity.

The book is large, and it is difficult to provide a comprehensive review. The writing is clear, but the document lacks the organization and readability that would make it an ideal source. Yes, it focuses a lot of attention on 9/11, bringing to light even more data that conclusively nail the so-called 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) to the wall. For example, one key event that is seldom discussed is a phone conversation to President Bush while he was in transit on Air Force One. An anonymous call was received that spoke in code words only known to high-level, top-secret officialdom and suggested “Air Force One is next.”

It isn’t clear exactly what messages were received and from whom by the president during his flight from Florida to Nebraska where he bunkered down, and eventually flew back to DC. But Tarpley suggests it was at this juncture that the internal “rogue network” made itself known, probably giving an ultimatum to Bush to play along or he would be assassinated.

This is a flawed book from an editing perspective—I would especially love to see a new edition current past 2004/5—, but it is a great book from its impact on those who care about establishing a humane society free from the depredations of these Power-Sick A-Holes. Tarpley asserts that knowledgeable humanitarian insiders have already thwarted other FFST acts (such as invasion of Iran… so far) and that everything depends on intellectual activists like us:

“The current status of the 9/11 myth as the substratum of so many hegemonic institutions helps to explain the absolute hysteria of the ruling elite whenever substantive critiques of the myth arise, as they must ever tend to do. …Was the Iraq war based on lies? Do the atrocities of Abu Ghraib violate the laws of war and the Geneva Convention? Is the middle class being crushed? The regime, with its back to the wall, has only one answer: “9/11.” The mantra of 9/11 is the carte blanche for black propaganda, war crimes, a police state, and thievery until the end of time, if we listen to those in power. [For Democrats and Republicans alike] 9/11 is the lever used by all factions of the oligarchy to keep the masses in submission. This lever we will break before their faces. [All emphases mine.]”

SunFLOWerShould be required reading for everyone under 30… and over 30. The Breaking of the 9/11 Lever of Submission is imminent. Right arm!

[1] Yup, you guessed it. From reading between the lines—it’s hard to find anything scholarly or exact—the two R’s sit at the top of this pyramid of plunder: Rockefeller and Rothschild. I make this assertion based on G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature of Jekyll Island. At that secret meeting setting up the Federal Reserve System, the men were from banking dynasties Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild; but I have the distinct impression Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties were/are top o’ da heap—with aggregate assets (loot) measured in the hundreds of trillions of FRNs. If anyone can recommend an authoritative reference on this subject, please send me an email.

[2] My own somewhat whimsical term is Alien Space Lizards, based on my analysis in Chapter 4 of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle, mainly because I see the psychological syndrome—a mentally sophisticated, parasitical disease of mind that is not unlike common criminality in its insensitivity to hurting others—characterizing these men as alien to normal nonaggressively inclined humankind.

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