Brian’s Column: Libertarian Local Action Network (LLAN)

Project for implementing a ‘New People’s Paradigm’
by Brian Wright

In the 1990s a group of Neoconservatives under the auspices of the Western finance-capitalist oligarchy—often referred to by its opponents (and by itself) as the New World Order—founded the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) a US think tank that sought to intellectually and morally justify the American global military empire by ‘whatever means necessary,’ including the horrific national security-state ‘false-flag’ attacks on Americans of 9/11/2001. Anyway, the project and several associated documents, particularly Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard (1997), can be seen as Men of the Power Sickness blueprints for what’s in store for humanity if large numbers of us continue to acquiesce to what I like to call Glitter-Flicker Bang Bang (the pervasive HDTV Fog Machine).

The subtitle of my column represents a play on words of the PNAC mission. And what I’m suggesting is that many of us in the core-universal truth, the peace, the liberty, and the spiritual enlightenment movements are rapidly coalescing into a revolutionary force that is in the inevitable process of blowing off the New World Order just as our American ancestors blew off the Old One. The specific audience, however, of my appeal today is composed of men and women who characterize themselves as (L)ibertarians. By that I mean individuals who are interested in taking action inside the existing political establishment to effect libertarian change, i.e. Libertarian Party participants or, at least, allies.

Roots of the Notion

Indeed, the idea for forming the Libertarian Local Action Network (LLAN) sprang from wanting to give the Libertarian Party of Michigan, specifically, a practical set of actions for volunteers to perform… telling people who expressed interest in the LPM what they might do to help. Right now, the LPM doesn’t really have a ‘business plan’ or strategy that translates into concrete steps for volunteers to take. A coordinator basically responds with an email and points to the LPM affiliate for the inquirer’s community, if we have one. Basically, “Hi, John or Jane, the LPM holds regular meetings[1] near you here, we run candidates for office every two years, and we have these wonderful state party events.”

In other words, with few exceptions, the affiliates and the party in general are ‘going thru the motions’ of standing for liberty in a traditional would-be viable US political-party context: Meaning running for office (often as a paper candidate with no hope of winning, and small chance of showing); also the “Okay, third-party hopefuls, the establishment needs you to jump thru these interminable hoops for us” activities: petitioning to retain ballot status, filling out election forms and campaign finance reports, and meeting various state requirements for occupying the little sandbox we let you shuffle around in… so long as you don’t make a mess or a fuss.

Just being brutally candid folks: what the LPM and 99% of the rest of the LP are doing, as presently configured, poses zero-zilch-nada threat to the powers that be (PTB). That’s because the PTB in all likelihood had a hand in setting up the LP as a tool for dissipating and misdirecting courageous dissent against the gangster duopoly. In return for a semi-respectable appearance of doing something for liberty, many of us—as a cofounder of the LPM, I was certainly one of them—took the blue pill and climbed back into the Matrix’s pod array with a greater sense of self-satisfaction.

The PTB were happy and Libertarians avoided any violent confrontation. Some have argued the PTB got the better of the deal. That would be true except that a significant percentage of the LP contingent continued to read and think independently, leading to full awareness of the underlying reality. Now I believe that small contingent can leverage the Libertarian Party into a grassroots vehicle for contextual, libertarian, distributed self-government leading in my mind to a practical evolution to panarchy—freedom of choice in government. And the corresponding unraveling of the PTB… who are truly beyond redemption and need to be disempowered en masse ASAP for species-survival reasons.

The Local Network Concept

The LLAN is as simple a system as can be imagined. In a nutshell:

  • The LLAN is a statewide network of freedom-loving individuals who ongoingly monitor—then often directly participate to drive the actions of—the political subdivision in which they live… continually updating and sharing their knowledge/activities within the whole network.[2]
  • The LLAN is to be initiated in Michigan under auspices of the LPM, probably as a distinct project; job one is layout of the entire range of local governing bodies statewide by county: including city and township councils, village boards, zoning boards, planning committees, even school boards.
  • Each LPM affiliate appoints an affiliate LLAN coordinator; if an affiliate has more than one county, each county will have a LLAN coordinator, as well as the affiliate coordinator. Ideally, the coordinators are separate persons. The affiliate coordinators report to a statewide coordinator,[3] who is the individual responsible for nonaffiliated-LPM regions in the state.
  • Basic starter process: someone notifies the LPM they are interested and want to help, aka be a volunteer.
    1. The LPM response coordinator sends them a packet describing the LP and LPM, also indicating any active campaigns in need of volunteers or whether the LPM itself has any v-work available. If none, the response coordinator refers the volunteer to the LLAN coordinator for the affiliate where volunteer resides.
    2. The LLAN affiliate coordinator takes information from volunteer and sends list of local governing bodies that govern the political subdivision in which volunteer resides or is interested. Asks volunteer to be either a ‘watcher’ or a ‘doer.’
    3. Assuming volunteer agrees, affiliate coordinator ‘signs him/her up’ in a process TBD, but obviously the key thing is to monitor the subdivision activity—all political subdivisions have open meeting rules (I think)—or become involved and report back.
    4. Volunteer reports back to proper LLAN coordinator, who reports to affiliate coordinator, who reports to state coordinator. In practice the LLAN has a state Website to which structured posts will be made by the volunteer watcher or doer. Posts will be brief and simple with contact for more information.
  • Note: LLAN can and probably will also include county-level watchers/doers. It also needs to have a watchful presence in the state courts and the federal courts as well. This may be a wrinkle, but keeping track of the counties themselves and the courts is extremely important business. Also, I suppose we need a state government watchdog group since the state sanctions the political subdivisions.
  • In practice the LLAN (smartphone-enabled) state Website will represent the living, breathing LLAN, and it will become a source of data and of people who can and presumably will become effective leaders in their communities, eventually at the state level. In general, of course, the volunteers, if they do become candidates, will be Libertarian candidates or, if nonpartisan, liberty inclined.

So those are the fundamentals of the LLAN as I see them at this point. We rapidly grow the number of Libertarians watching and doing in their political subdivisions, hoping to build a wide consensus of knowledgeable people toward ending the depredations of the state, thus enabling all people to live without fear or aggression. Even if the idea does not take off, we have more people who learn about the who and how of their local governments… the better to form them into noncoercive self-governing bodies. This is the clear direction: the New Paradigm, the People’s Paradigm.

Obviously, the devil lies in the details. But I honestly see a real potential for the LLAN to take off. The fact is that the PTB have pretty thoroughly taken over all the way down to the local levels of government… essentially the ruling families buy off any opposition and turn most locals into rubber stamps of the corporate authority.[4] Thus, to me it makes sense to use our supreme authority as individual citizens—and our universal legal access to these governing bodies—to roll back the power from the PTB, take it for ourselves, proceeding from the ground up.

I know of one fine young man, a Libertarian watcher-doer, who is already out in Novi, attending city council meetings. Mr. Alex Fera is my role model for the LLAN volunteers I envision. He plans to run for Novi city council. Simple, nonthreatening, astute, good-natured, and dedicated to liberty. I’ve heard of several others across Michigan, and the state party is making strides to keep up with the vibrant groups and channel all this effective energy.

What I imagine in the not too distant future is our state affiliate coordinator calling a volunteer with a message like this: “Did you say you’re from Warren? Well, we have two volunteers covering each of the following: city council meetings, planning commission meetings, zoning board meetings, the school boards, and all the special commissions. Could you help us by attending nearby Fraser city council meetings; we only have one SunFLOWerperson to track what’s going on over there.”

So kick the LLAN idea around and get back to me. Suggestions welcome.


[1] As often as not, the local affiliate meetings are more like fading supper clubs—not that there’s anything wrong with supper clubs—in which some regular diehards kick around the latest general threats to liberty in usually abstract terms, with a small part of the proceedings discussing news affecting Libertarians in Michigan or locally, and some social time.

[2] The LLAN pool of knowledge/activities is ultimately indistinguishable from the LLAN itself. The structure for composing and sharing knowledge/activities needs to be developed; this structure is critical to success: the ideal is to create a smooth flow of liberating information back and forth for all participants… generating a snowball effect to institute from the ground up a fully libertarian irresistible body of noncoercive governments statewide.

[3] My thinking now is the Michigan LLAN will be organized as a PPA (public private association) cooperating with the LPM but not under direct party authority. As it stands now, as founder, I’ll be the initial statewide coordinator for Michigan; and I see any national LLAN PPA organization that forms to have a board of trustees and bylaws written by its founders to assure organization integrity and efficiency.

[4] The recent movement promising en masse state nullification of unconstitutional federal dictates, led by the Tenth Amendment Center, gives the lie to pessimism about domination of the local power by the central power. Indeed, the central power is totally freaking out at the success of the Nullification Movement. Combining that movement with a rise of thousands or millions of LLAN-inspired citizens will totally remove all foundation for illegitimate central power. It will collapse and disappear like World Trade Center 7.

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