Book Review: Another Nineteen (2013)

Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects
by Kevin Robert Ryan

Another_19Simply the exactly right book for the exactly right time, Kevin Ryan’s Another 19 takes the 9/11 Truth movement to the next level… that is, to the 9/11 Justice movement. He does so by identifying—in addition to masterschemers Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld (the real ‘Osama bin Laden’ and ‘Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’ of the plot)—19 individuals whose motives, means, opportunities, and actual behavior show high probability they were complicit and/or culpable in the 9/11/2001 crimes of state. Regardless of one’s position regarding the official story, no reasonable person can deny that sufficient evidence now exists to empanel a special federal (or state) grand jury to investigate these individuals (among others) and bring indictments based on demonstrable real connections and causation to the attacks. As marvelous a job as Kevin has done in making light work for a grand jury, then shedding light for prosecutors in the subsequent trial jury, let me note a couple of mild criticisms of the book:

  1. It would have been nice to provide a summary chapter containing a list of the 19 individuals (and Cheney and Rumsfeld) along with a short paragraph describing their suspicious actions. (As it is, the book reader and reviewer needs to compose that summary himself.)
  2. From other books, particularly Solving 9/11: The deception that changed the world, of brave investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn, it is apparent that the military and state security apparatus of the Zionist Israeli Government (ZIG)—and several of its functionaries played even more root roles in the concept and execution of the 9/11 false flag attack.

As for item 2), neglecting to include the evidence of the significant ZI role, I can see the ‘political’ reason for Mr. Ryan’s choice. And if a grand jury is properly constituted, it will certainly follow the obvious trails to all of those who organized and performed the act of terror with full knowledge. Still, a few of the ZI main culprits are as plain as pie (quoted from Solving 9/11, pp 152, 153) and might have been mentioned:

  • “At the most crucial position in US law enforcement—head of the criminal investigation division of the Department of Justice—, for example, sat Michael Chertoff, an Israeli whose mother was one of the first agents of Israeli intelligence. Chertoff gave the plotters operational security, mainly by authorizing and enabling the illegal and massive destruction of the structural steel evidence from the World Trade Center buildings.
  • “Likewise, two federal judges, Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey, both dedicated Zionists, have overseen virtually all the litigation related to 9/11 and the 1993 false-flag bombing at the WTC. Of the 96 families who chose to seek justice through the courts rather than accept the government payout for the loss of their loved ones, not one wrongful death case from 9/11 went to court.”

These two ZIs were notable after the crime to assure its coverup. But dozens of others were involved in the concept, the planning, the preparations, and the execution… and at the highest levels of the military and intelligence services.

The 21 (Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the ‘Other’ 19)

Let me do the honors of providing the briefest and partial bullet summaries, going down the list of Ryan’s suspects. It’s a demon’s brew to be sure, but I have a feeling most of the real monsters calling the shots are even further behind the scenes:

  1. Dick Cheney—VP, long history in the White House, even during the off years. Leading principal of the Neocons. Knew and had access to all the major players in the operation, he was at the White House the morning of 9/11; testimony shows he had foreknowledge of ‘Flight 77’ purported to be coming toward Pentagon. Fought against any investigation, most researchers place Cheney in the lead operational role on the ground on 9/11 itself.
  2. Don Rumsfeld—Predicted during breakfast meeting on 9/11 that ‘shocking event’ would occur to require strong military. After Pentagon was hit wandered out to parking lot for 30 minutes, as if knowing the danger had passed, derelict in duty as Secretary of Defense. Like Cheney, goes back to the Nixon era, up to his elbows in all manner of state crimes. Led the planning for the Afghanistan invasion, years before 9/11.
  3. Frank Carlucci, Deep State—Ran the Carlyle Group, investment firm with close ties to members of Reagan, Bush I admins, also to Saudi oil sheiks. On 9/11 was meeting at Ritz-Carlton in DC with Carlyle execs along with brother of Osama bin Laden.
  4. Richard Armitage, Deep State—Deputy secretary of state to Colin Powell, signatory of 1998 letter to Pres. Clinton calling for military intervention against Hussein in Iraq. Week of 9/11 in DC, met with General Mahmud Ahmed, head of Pakistani intelligence (ISI). Top of  hierarchy in State Dept. responsible for issuing visas to the alleged hijackers.
  5. Louis Freeh, FBI—Former federal judge, head of the FBI under Clinton and Bush II implicated in FBI complicity with false-flag terror attacks of the Oklahoma City bombing 1995 and the WTC bombings 1993. Responsible for 10-20 national security failures during his term; at helm 9/11/2001, when FBI confiscated all surveillance videos at the Pentagon. Ignored evidence, stole evidence, botched whole investigation, fought Joint Congressional Inquiry (JCI).
  6. George Tenet, CIA—Director of CIA was having breakfast on 9/11 with his mentor Senator David Boren (OK), Yale grad, member of Skull and Bones. OKC connection to several alleged hijackers. Tenet became close to Saudis and hyped threat of terrorism, esp. the Al Qaeda/bin Laden. Ignored all evidence of plot, refused to cooperate with and lied to JCI and 9/11 Commission, destroyed evidence. Credibly linked to 9/11 insider trading. Total failure of organization to do its job.
  7. Richard Clarke, COG (Continuity of Government)—Former counterterrorism czar under Clinton, responsible with Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other neocons for secret COG in 1980s Reagan admin. [COG to become new government upon terrorist attack, overrule Congress, Constitution, etc.] Close ties to United Arab Emirates (UAE) royal family, which funded Al Qaeda and deep state finance black ops such as Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Responsible in 1993 for policy of rendition. Appears to be operational lead for planting patsies (er alleged hijackers and Arab terrorists) on US soil. Currently, on speed dial of all movers and shakers and jet setters to Abu Dhabi (UAE).
  8. Benedict Sliney, FAA—9/11 first day on the job, national operations manager at FAA’s Command Center. Was an air traffic controller (ATC) in Vietnam, became an attorney in 1980s and 1990s, successfully defending several corporate clients of charges of financial fraud. Lucrative practice, left to go to FAA, why? Appears to be an integral roadblock of purported cluelessness to obtaining military response to the hijacked planes on 9/11. Who ran him?
  9. (Lt. General) Michael Canavan, FAA—Hijack coordinator at FAA headquarters, on job for only nine months before 9/11, then stayed only one month more. Long history of military intel and black ops, special forces background. Occupied what appears to be the most important position relative to failure to intercept reported hijacked planes on 9/11. Claims he was in Puerto Rico on morning of 9/11, never questioned or reprimanded on any failure of performance, profited handsomely with contracts on ensuing US ‘wars.’ Who ran him?
  10. Ralph Eberhart, NORAD—USAF general, taken over command of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) from General Richard Myers in 2/2000. Also the US Space Command. Ergo, on 9/11 Eberhart was responsible for failure to intercept four reported hijacked aircraft over a period of nearly two hours. Did nothing. Failed to implement military control over US airspace during attacks, though was in his authority. Lied to investigators, inexplicable failure, profited from his failures both during service and after, with chairmanships in dozens of military and homeland security companies.
  11. Carl Truscott, Secret Service—Head of the Presidential Protection Detail (PPD) during 9/11 and thru 2005. US Secret Service “failed to do its job on September 11, 2001, in several important ways. These failures can be explained if the Secret Service had foreknowledge of the 9/11 events as they were proceeding.” Failure to protect president, failure to protect vice president, failure to request military interceptor jets, etc. Rewarded for his failures, as head of ATF, then later protected from prosecution by White House on sexist orders he gave. Then pastured with high position with Israeli security corporation.
  12. John Deutch, Pentagon—Dep. Sec of Defense, associated with Mitre Corporation and PTech company computer firms, which played pivotal roles in the communications ‘failures’ between the FAA and NORAD by supposedly working on ‘interoperability issues’ for the Pentagon. 1995-1997 was director of the CIA. Headed renovation project at the Pentagon. Raytheon director. Strong ties to the ZIG and major firms in its military industrial complex.
  13. Paul Wolfowtiz, Pentagon—Neocon, Dep. Sec of Defense 2001-2005, promoted the ‘Bush Doctrine’ of preemptive war. Strong ties to the ZIG, dual American-Israeli citizenship. Chief policy contributor for post-911 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan suggesting false flag motive.
  14. Peter Janson, Pentagon—President of AMEC Construction, charged with renovation and cleanup of the Pentagon, many high-level contacts in oil industry. Functionary and enabler working with Deutch and Wolfowtiz for the Pentagon operation which wound up publicly justifying an overwhelming (preplanned) military response: “The massive seizure of resources, primarily oil and gas, represented by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, provided further, incalculable benefits” to anyone participating at a high, inside level in the false flag operation.
  15. Paul Bremer, Propaganda—”… most well known for being the Iraq Occupation Governor after the 2003 US invasion and for having made many of the decisions that drove Iraqi society into a spiraling downturn.” But biggest role was with Paul Nitze to transform the dying Soviet threat into the War on Terror, and its sine qua non, the bogeyman of Islamic terrorism. Benefited from 9/11 and the wars of occupation, artistic and charitable pretenses, members of several board, e.g. chairman of the advisory board for GlobalSecure Corporation, focus “securing the homeland with integrated products and services for the critical incident response community worldwide.”  Nice.
  16. Brian Jenkins, Propaganda—Looks like a one-stop allround spook and psychotic-killer, Hermann Goering wannabe—in the 1960s he participated in the Guatemala Operation Cleanup death squads. Jenkins “played a critical role in planning for future terrorist at the WTC, including having reviewed the possibility of airliner crashes before they actually happened on 9/11. Coupled with claims that he participated in planning and implementing a ‘terror war’ in Central America” these facts make him a subject of interest in 9/11.
  17. Wirt Walker, KuwAm—thru the 80s managed KuwAm, linked to terrorist financing network BCCI; CEO of Stratasec, a security contracting firm that had unparalleled access to several facilities central to the events of 9/1; flagged by SEC as possible 9/11 inside trader; several of Walker’s companies located in same offices later occupied by alleged hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui’s flight trainer.
  18. Barry McDaniel, Stratesec—Top Stratescec official in charge of security work at the World Trade Centers, becoming CEO in 2002; explosives used to bring down the WTC bldgs; Stratesec’s contracts allowed it unparalleled access to the WTC, Dulles, and related facilities; McDaniel had expertise in trade in military ordnance; had links to Iran-Contra crimes and to spook companies like SWT and Vinnell; company led by directors and investors linked to deep state entities who benefited from response to 9/11.
  19. Rudy Giuliani, WTC—Defended terrorist financing network BCCI; ignored problems with NYC fire department radios (which contributed to deaths on 9/11); he and his staff had foreknowledge that the WTC buildings would fall; operationally responsible for the destruction of WTC evidence; reported that Ground Zero air was safe in order to speed removal of evidence; links to organized crime. [Another NYC leader suspect, not mentioned by the author, is Larry Silverstein, leaseholder of the WTC who called for WTC7 to ‘be pulled,’ has to be on the list. Both Rudy and Larry should have been arrested immediately as top.]
  20. Duane Andrews, SAIC—Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) profited from 9/11 more than any other corporation, Andrews was its COO, and long-time close friend and water carrier of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. “SAIC is the fraternal twin of the intelligence establishment.” SAIC and its leaders need to be investigated for conflicts of interest and fraud due to the failed systems that it created; Andrews is a person of interest because he had expert knowledge of the vulnerabilities of US defense and information systems when they failed catastrophically.
  21. Porter Goss, Coverup—Another operative who idolized Darth Cheney, Goss was one of the lead dirty tricks personnel who became CIA Director in 2004. Bloody hands in Central and South America with likely participation in Operation 40, a covert CIA team accused of conducting assassinations of opponents around the world and domestically (some argue the team assassinated Kennedy) for insider corporate interests.  Known for blocking investigations: Abu Ghraib, links between Bush and Iraqi ally Ahmad Chalabi, Valerie Plame identity leaks, the destruction of the CIA’s torture tapes.


Aside from worrying about Kevin Ryan’s personal security in bringing this rogue’s gallery to light, I would recommend to the reader, as a sample, that he wander over to Wikipedia’s article on many of the suspects. They won’t look like suspects at all over there, in fact, Jimmy Wales’ subculture of official knowledge makes out most of the people on the above list as all-American heroes,4thBranch as if they belong in a Memorial Day parade. That is the problem. It’s like saying Al Capone is for motherhood and apple pie.

And the solution is not only to get the word out by recommending and reading the book… and others. The legal solution that has real traction and can obtain justice is the resurrection or simple assertion by the citizenry of the independent statutory grand jury. With the convening of a grand jury that knows its powers, 24 random citizens without ties to any of the suspects or to the globalist corporate-state causal interests, I have no doubt all of these suspects can be indicted, then tried by a petite jury, and found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Then, bye bye.

“Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”
Fiat justitia ruat caelum

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